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Previous Marriages of Duane Dog Chapman and Beth Smith


Information about their previous marriages is sketchy.


  • Keith A. Barmore: Married in Denver on 8/26/1991. He was addicted to heroin. They had one child, Cecily. The marriage ended in divorce.

Duane has 4 previous marriages:

  • La Fonda Sue Honeycutt: First wife. Married 4/1/1972 in Texas. Marriage ended in divorce on 10/27/1977 while he was in prison. They have two children.
  • Anne M. Tegnell: Married 8/22/1979 in Colorado. According to Colorado Divorce Records, Docket #001477, their marriage ended in divorce on 8/5/1982. One child who died as an infant, possibly two other children.
  • Lyssa Rae Brittain: Per Colorado Marriage Records, they were married on 6/22/1982. Marriage ended in divorce on 11/20/1991. They have three children. Her current name is Lyssa Greene.
  • Tawny Marie ?: Met in 1988. She worked as Dog's secretary. Married in 1991/1992. After being separated since 1994, their marriage ended in divorce around 2003.
  • Duane: "Tawny coerced me into marrying her. I told her I didn't want to marry her because I liked women too much to settle down ... I knew in my heart that marrying Tawny was a mistake. She was all wrong for me ... Despite my misgivings, I married Tawny ... It was a disaster from the start."
    Source: Duane Dog Chapman. You Can Run But You Can't Hide 2007, pg 138.
Duane Dog Chapman and Beth Smith Marriage Profile

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