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James Brown and Tomi Rae Hynie Timeline

The Puzzle of a Complicated Marriage Relationship


Photo: Stuart Wilson / Getty Images

James Brown and Tomi Rae Hynie in London, England on November 14, 2006.

Photo: Stuart Wilson / Getty Images
Figuring out the status of the marriage of James Brown and Tomi Rae Hynie is similar to working on a puzzle.

Here's a timeline of their complicated marriage relationship gathered from various news services.

Brown / Hynie Timeline

5/26/09: A judge in South Carolina ruled that "Tomi Hae Hynie Brown, Brown's fourth wife, is his surviving spouse and her son, James Brown II, is James Brown I's child." Tomi received nearly a quarter of Brown's estate.
Source: Howard Gensler. "Tattle: James Brown's estate is finally settled." Philly.com. 5/27/09.

2/1997: Tomi married a Pakistani, Javed Ahmed, in Houston, Texas. She claimed later that the marriage was never consummated and that Javed had three other wives.

6/11/2001: The son of James and Tomi, James Joseph Brown II, was born.

12/2001 or 1/2002: Tomi and James married at Beech Island home.

8/2003: James and Tomi announced their separation in full-page ad in Variety.

Fall/2003: Tomi and James reconciled.

1/28/2004: James arrested for domestic abuse in South Carolina.

2/2004: James filed for an annulment.

4/2004: Apparent reconciliation between James and Tomi.

9/2005: Tomi moved to Los Angeles and filed for divorce citing drugs, beatings, and verbal abuse.

2006: James and Tomi worked together on the documentary film, Life on the Road with Mr. and Mrs. Brown. Film set to be released in 2007.

12/25/2006: James Brown died in Atlanta, Georgia.

12/26/2006: Tomi barred from entering the Beech Island, South Carolina house she shared with James.

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