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Mavis and Jay Leno Marriage Profile


Photo: Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

Jay and Mavis Leno at the Feminist Majority Foundation's Fifth annual Global Women's Rights Gala on April 29, 2009 in Beverly Hills, California.

Photo: Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images
Jay and Mavis Leno's successful marriage is based on respect and not trying to change one another. Here is more information about the marriage of Mavis and Jay Leno.


Jay Leno aka James Douglas Muir Leno: April 28, 1950 in New Rochelle, New York.

Mavis Elizabeth Nicholson: September 5, abt. 1946.

How Jay and Mavis Met:

Mavis met Jay in 1976 when she was in the audience of one of his performances at The Comedy Store in Los Angeles.
Jay: "And assuming, sooner or later, most women have to go to the bathroom, as soon as I got off stage I ran and just stood by the ladies room until eventually she came by ... I mean, as soon as I saw her, I kind of figured, well, this looks good, she'll stay in line. But she denies the fact that I told my friend three days after we met, "Well, I'm probably going to marry that girl."
Source: Larry King. "The Best of Jay Leno." Cnn.com. 3/3/2001.

Mavis: "The chemistry was instantaneous. I thought he was absolutely gorgeous."
Source: "Speaking Out." People Weekly. 11/16/1998. pg. 232.

Wedding Date:

Jay and Mavis were married in a small wedding at a friends' home on November 30, 1980 which was Jay's parents' wedding date.
Jay: "They had a wonderful marriage. They were married for 57 years and my wife and I got married on their same wedding day because it seemed to work for them. And they're a wonderful couple. They're the funniest people I ever knew."
Source: Larry King. "The Best of Jay Leno." Cnn.com. 3/3/2001.

Jay: "We'd been together for about four years, during which time she expressed no interest in marriage. She expressed more interest in not getting married ..."
Source: Jay Leno: Leading With My Chin. pg. 228


Jay: Television talk show host, actor, producer, comedian, sitcom writer, author.

Mavis: scriptwriter, activist, philanthropist, author, chair of Feminist Majority Foundation's Campaign to Stop Gender Apartheid in Afghanistan, sitcom writer.


Mavis and Jay have no children.

What Others Say About the Marriage of Jay and Mavis Leno:

Sue Smalley: "When you first meet Mavis and Jay Leno, the electricity between them that gets you and their long-lasting love that makes them the anomaly. Two strongs can make one. They fit ... What I learned from the Leno love is how much a partner can help us discover such qualities in ourselves. Jay brings out the best in Mavis, and Mavis brings out the best in Jay. That has to be the definition of a perfect marriage."
Source: Sue Smalley. "Happily Ever Laughter." LATimes.com. 5/3/2009.

Merrill Markoe: "They are a yin-yang situation, two people with different strengths and weaknesses who match each other perfectly."
Source: "Speaking Out." People Weekly. 11/16/1998. pg. 232.

What Mavis and Jay Leno Have to Say About Married Life:

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