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Sara Evans and Craig Schelske Marriage Profile


Photo: Evan Agostini / Getty Images

Sara Evans and Craig Schleske in New York City, November 15, 2005.

Photo: Evan Agostini / Getty Images
Married for 13 years, the seemingly successful marriage of Sara Evans and Craig Schelske fell apart in the midst of alleged verbal and emotional abuse, adultery, excessive drinking, and pornography viewing.

Here's more information about the marriage and divorce of Sara Evans and Craig Schelske.

News Updates:

6/14/2008: Sara Evans and Jay Barker were married in an evening outdoor ceremony "at a Franklin, Tenn., farm near Evans's home."
Source: Eileen Finan, "Sara Evans Marries Her Football Hero", People.com, 6/15/2008.

3/24/2008: Sara Evans and Jay Barker became engaged. The couple started dating in November 2007. Jay proposed to Sara in New York City "in a little park where they had their first date."
Source: Eileen Finan, "Sara Evans's Engagement Is 'Out of This World,' Says Pal", People.com, 3/26/08.

Barker, a radio host and former quarterback at the University of Alabama, was previously married and has four children.


Sara Lynn Evans: February 5, 1971 in New Franklin, Missouri.

Craig Lyons Schelske: About 1963 in Salem, Oregon.

How Sara and Craig Met:

Sara and Craig met in 1991 in Nashville, Tennessee while they were both waiting tables at the Briley Parkway Holiday Inn. Their first date was on September 20, 1991.

Wedding Date:

Craig and Sara married on September 25, 1993 in Sara's hometown of Boonesboro, Missouri.


Sara and Craig have three children:
  • Avery Jack Lyons Schelske: Born on August 21, 1999.
  • Olivia Margaret Schelske: Born on January 22, 2003 in Missouri.
  • Audrey Elizabeth Schelske: Born on October 6, 2004 in Nashville, Tennessee.


Sara and Craig have a home in Franklin, Tennessee and a 35-acre farm in Slayton, Oregon.


Sara: Award winning pop-country singer and songwriter.

Craig: Musician, Republican politician who ran for Congress in 2002 representing Oregon's 5th District, and nonprofit organization executive.

Craig is listed as the Executive Director for American Destiny, a group devoted to helping Americans discover their spiritual roots. Craig is also the Chairman of CRAIG PAC, a "national political action committee dedicated to electing Republicans at the federal and state level."


The grounds for divorce as filed by Sara on 10/12/2006 are:
  • Irreconcilable Differences
  • Inappropriate Marital Conduct
  • Adultery with Alison Clinton, former nanny to the Schelske children. Alison has denied the allegation stating that at her wedding, Sara was her matron of honor and Craig was a groomsman.

Sara ended her relationship with the popular ABC series "Dancing With Stars" so she could spend more time with her three children.

Divorce Timeline:

09/28/2007: The Evans/Schleske divorce was finalized with the couple agreeing to alimony, asset division, and custody of their children. Criag will receive $600,000 alimony payable over 10 years and the two homes they owned in Oregon. He will also have visitation rights to see their children. Sara will keep the home they shared in Tennessee.

10/20/2006: In papers filed with the Williamson County Chancery Court in Franklin, Tennessee, Craig Schleske alleges that Sara Evans had an affair and a nervous breakdown.
Source: People.com

10/17/2006: Craig Schleske's statement regarding Sara's allegations, "I cannot explain why Sara is waging a false media campaign, but I intend to defend myself in court and protect my children as best I can."
Source: People.com

10/12/2006: Sara Evans filed for divorce and requested a temporary restraining order against Craig Schelske.
Source: Tennessean.com

Sara Evans' Quotes About Love and Marriage:

Sara on her decision to divorce: "It was always my intention to try to take things very slowly in the marriage. I'm completely against divorce. My intention was to continue to try everything within my power [to save the relationship] ... Things drastically went downhill 100 miles an hour."
Source: People.com

Sara on the best advice she received on marriage, 10/2005: "Keep your romance alive with your spouse. Keep yourself looking your best for your spouse. Acting your best. Behaving your best ... My advice would be just to be sweet to one another, and don't fight in front of your kids. The best gift that you can give your children is to have a great marriage."
Source: CMT.com

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