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Chelsea Noble and Kirk Cameron Marriage Profile


Kirk Cameron and Chelsea Noble in 2001

Actor Kirk Cameron and his wife actress Chelsea Noble attend the Los Angeles theatrical premiere of 'Left Behind,' the movie based on the New York Times best-selling novel, January 26, 2001 in Los Angeles, CA.

Photo: Newsmakers / Getty Images
Kirk: "Love plays a special role in marriage and really the problem is so many don’t understand what love really is. We think of love and we think, oh I love her, oh I love him, and you’re talking about a feeling that you feel. And you ask people why they’re getting divorced and they’re just, oh we just don’t love each other anymore, or we’ve just fallen out of love, but love isn’t a feeling it’s a decision. It’s a decision to love someone regardless of how you may feel at times. It’s sacrificing your own preferences and some of your own needs to be able to serve somebody else and that’s the kind of love that produces feelings, but you can’t define love as a feeling or else it will fall apart and vanish in front of your eyes."
Source: Ben Rhudy. "Kirk Cameron talks Fireproof, marriage, and the demands of playing a firefighter." MonstersandCritics.com. 1/29/2009.


Kirk Thomas Cameron: October 12, 1970 in Panorama City, California.

Chelsea Noble aka Nancy Mueller: December 4, 1964 in Buffalo, New York.

How Kirk and Chelsea Met:

Chelsea and Kirk first met when he visited his sister Candace on the set of Full House. Later they were cast as boyfriend and girlfriend on the television series Growing Pains.
Chelsea: "Then when I met Kirk, I thought, Wow, what a nice guy ... I left thinking, What a caring guy.
Source: Kirk Cameron. Still Growing: An Autobiography. 2008. pg. 144.
Kirk: "Chelsea and I hit if off. We had so much in common, including a deep and growing love for God. We had fun on the stage, but always looked forward to the time behind the scenes when we could get to know each other better."
Source: Kirk Cameron. Still Growing: An Autobiography. 2008. pg. 146.

Wedding Date and Information:

Kirk and Chelsea were married on July 20, 1991 in Cheektowaga, New York at Our Lady Help of Christians Catholic Church. Chelsea wore a white "hand woven silk wedding gown" designed by D.N. Evans Couture of West Hollywood.

Kirk was 20 and Chelsea was 26 when they married. Chelsea's brother, David Mueller, was best man and his wife Heidi Mueller was the maid of honor.


Chelsea and Kirk have six children.
  • Jack Cameron: Born in 1996.
  • Isabella Cameron: Born in 1997.
  • Ahna Cameron: Born in 1998.
  • Luke Cameron: Born in 2000.
  • Olivia Rose Cameron: Born in 2001.
  • James Thomas Cameron: Born in 2003.
Chelsea: "We would want to adopt our first ones so they would always know they were our first choice –- that they were our first babies."
Source: Rebecca Grace. "Adoption lands actress sought-after role as mother." AFAJournal.org. 5/2005.


Kirk and Chelsea live in Agoura Hills, California.
Kirk: "There's kind of a country feel to it. You're not in the heart of the city, in the rat race. It's close to the beach. It's in the mountains. It's just kind of away from the Hollywood scene, which is where I'm acting, and Ventura (County's) so great like that. It's a lot less stressful than in the (San Fernando) Valley or in town."
Source: Jeffrey Dransfeldt. "Devotion keeps actor Kirk Cameron centered." VCStar.com. 9/26/2008.


Kirk: Actor, evangelist, co-founder of The Way of the Master ministry, author, producer, public speaker.

Chelsea: Actress, model.

Jeffrey Dransfeldt: "For a final romantic scene [in Fireproof], [Erin] Bethea stepped aside and Chelsea, who is a similar height and size, kissed her husband while in silhouette. It allowed Cameron to stay true to his conviction of only kissing his wife."
Source: Jeffrey Dransfeldt. "Devotion keeps actor Kirk Cameron centered." VCStar.com. 9/26/2008.

Together Kirk and Chelsea founded The Firefly Foundation which gives terminally ill children and thier families free camping trips at Camp Firefly.

Quotes About the Marriage of Kirk Cameron and Chelsea Noble:

Kirk: "Marriage is really a school that you’ve enrolled in and it teaches you all about integrity and character and selflessness and love and it’s a difficult school but if you stay in it you’ll really grow and learn a lot. Of course, a lot of people bail because they just don’t know how to make it work and that’s what fireproof is all about. It ultimately talks about never leaving your partner behind and in order to be successful at that you’ve got to learn what unconditional love is, because that’s the only kind of love that’ll get through the hard times."
Source: Ben Rhudy. "Kirk Cameron talks Fireproof, marriage, and the demands of playing a firefighter." MonstersandCritics.com. 1/29/2009.

Kirk: "We believe that marriage is to be honored above all things, that there is not a thing in the world that is going to be more important to me than my wife's heart and that I try very, very hard to love her, honor her, protect her and all those things."
Source: Jeffrey Dransfeldt. "Devotion keeps actor Kirk Cameron centered." VCStar.com. 9/26/2008.

Kirk: "This movie [Fireproof] starts 10 years after the honeymoon is over and what do you do when there is no fire left? There is no heat, there is no spark, there is no love, it is more characterized by anger and bitterness and wrath. All of those things you don’t want, maybe the same things you see in your parents marriage or in your friends’ marriages and you go, 'I don’t want that.' Well, what then? Do you bail and look for a new husband or a new wife? Do you determine that marriage isn’t at all what it is cracked up to be? Or you can turn around and say, 'Wait a minute. Maybe I’ve got the whole wrong idea about what this marriage thing is. Do I really understand what love is? Can a couple who seems to have lost it get it back again? Fire it back up to the point where they would still say ‘I do’ all over again.' I find the movie very, very inspirational."
Source: Fred Topel. "Interview with Kirk Cameron on Fireproof." Movies.about.com. 9/22/2008.

Kirk: "According to divine design, marriage is a covenant, not a contract. A contract can be broken, but a covenant is forever. When marriage is just a contract, you will focus on your rights; when it is a covenant, you will focus on your responsibility. If you see marriage as a contract, you look for loopholes; when you realize it's a covenant, you learn to stay committed for life."
Source: Kirk Cameron. Still Growing: An Autobiography. 2008. pgs. 157-158.

Chelsea: "They [her parents] were married 36 years, and Kirk and I know that we can get through anything with our foundation of faith and family."
Source: John Tayman. "When Growing Pains Make a Marriage." People Magazine. 8/05/1991.

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