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Elaine and Jack LaLanne Marriage Profile


Jack and Elaine LaLanne in 2004

Jack and Elaine LaLanne at the Petersen Automotive Museum's Annual 'Cars and Stars Gala' on June 24, 2004 in Los Angeles, California.

Photo: Kevin Winter / Getty Images
Jack said in an interview that husbands and wives shouldn't try to change each other, Elaine LaLanne once said that their secret was to be friends with each other. They were married for 51 years before Jack died in January 2011.


Jack LaLanne aka Francois Henri LaLanne: September 26, 1914 in San Francisco, California.

Elaine Rorem Doyle: March 19, 1926.


Jack LaLanne: At the age of 96, Jack died of respiratory failure due to pneumonia. Jack died at home in Morro Bay, California.
Elaine: "I have not only lost my husband and a great American icon, but the best friend and most loving partner anyone could ever hope for."
Source: Andrew Dalton. "Jack LaLanne Dead: Fitness Guru Dies at 96. HuffingtonPost.com. 1/23/2011.

How Jack and Elaine Met:

Elaine met Jack in the mid 1950s at the ABC-TV affiliate station KGO in San Francisco.
Jack: "When I first met my wife -- this was 1951. She was the girl Friday on this talk show in San Francisco, on ABC up there. And so they brought me on this show to do 1,000 push-ups during the show. And that's where we first met ... She didn't fall in love with my muscle. She fell in love with my brain."
Source: "Jack La Lanne Discusses a Life of Health and Fitness." Larry King Live. 7/17/2000.

Wedding Date and Information:

Jack and Elaine were married on September 24, 1959 in Las Vegas, Nevada.


  • Daniel Doyle: Born abt. 1947.
  • Janet Elaine Doyle: Born in 1952. Janet died on May 24, 1973 at age 21 in an automobile accident in Kalamazoo, Michigan.
  • Jon Allen LaLanne: Born in 1961.
  • Yvonne LaLanne: Born in 1944. Her mother is Irma Navarre. Yvonne is a chiropractor.


Jack: Fitness, exercise and nutritional expert, bodybuilder, healt spa owner, television personality, entrepreneur, author, motivational speaker, chiropractor, actor.

Elaine: Television show host, lecturer, author, business woman, civic leader, actress, talent booker, water ballerina.

Previous Marriages:

Jack was previously married to Irma Navarre from 1942 through 1948. They had one child together.

Elaine was previously married.

Quotes About the Marriage of Jack and Elaine LaLanne:

Elaine: "We work together so we can be together"
Source: Dave Bunnell. "Meet Fitness Legends Jack and Elaine LaLanne." Eldr.com. 3/19/2007.

Jack: "We work together so we can play together ... Everyone can’t be perfect like my wife.”
Source: Dave Bunnell. "Meet Fitness Legends Jack and Elaine LaLanne." Eldr.com. 3/19/2007.

Jack about his own sex life: "I'm not like I was at 21, but I have to do what I have to do. I do the best I can with the equipment. And Elaine's always smiling."
Source: Carolyne Zinko. "Jack LaLanne at 90 Young, Energetic Years!" Bragg.com.

Jack: "If you are around her for any length of time, you will find her enthusiasm for life is contagious. She can do push-ups, chin-ups, she's a terrific golfer, expert water skier, and swimmer. She's a lecturer, author, civic leader and business woman, in fact she runs BeFit Enterprises. She's a super wife and a good friend. To me she is living proof of all that a woman can be!"
Source: Jack LaLanne. "Elaine LaLanne." JackLaLanne.com.

Donald Katz: "Jack likes to wind Elaine's arms around her chest from behind and crack her back (he was trained as a chiropractor). He tends to refer to her as La La or Iron Buns."
Source: Donald Katz. "Jack LaLanne is Still an Animal." OutsideOnline.com. 11/1995.

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