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Jenny and Bryan Masche Marriage Profile


Although they said their religious faith was part of what kept them together, Jenny and Bryan Masche's marriage appears to be ending. Their marriage has had its share of stress in raising sextuplets. Here's information on how they met, when they married, their children, and more.

News Updates:

11/04/10: Bryan Masche stayed out of jail by pleading guilty to "two misdemeanor domestic violence charges: threatening and intimidating, and disorderly conduct."
Source: Dahvi Shira. "Sextuplets Dad Bryan Masche Pleads Guilty, Avoids Jail." People.com. 11/04/10.

9/27/2010: Jennifer Masche's marriage to Bryan appears to be ending. Jennifer filed for a legal separation.

9/19/2010: Deputies in Arizona arrested Bryan Masche. Before being released on a $3,500 bond, Masche was charged with resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, and threatening domestic violence.


Bryan Masche: Abt. 1978.

Jennifer Lynn Simbric: Abt. 1975.

How Bryan and Jennifer Met:

Jennifer and Bryan first met through e-mail in January 2003 when a mutual friend asked her to e-mail him when he was stationed in Kuwait. They met one another in person on Memorial Day weekend in 2003 and became engaged on Labor Day weekend in 2003. Bryan proposed in front of a national television audience at an Arizona Diamondbacks baseball game.

Wedding Date:

Bryan and Jennifer were married on January 2, 2004.


Jenny had two miscarriages before she and Bryan tried intrauterine insemination. They have sextuplets.
  • Savannah Jane Masche: 6/11/2007 in Phoenix, Arizona.
  • Bailey Elizabeth Masche: 6/11/2007 in Phoenix, Arizona.
  • Grant William Masche: 6/11/2007 in Phoenix, Arizona.
  • Cole Robert Masche: 6/11/2007 in Phoenix, Arizona.
  • Molli Grace Masche: 6/11/2007 in Phoenix, Arizona.
  • Blake Nickolas Masche: 6/11/2007 in Phoenix, Arizona.


Bryan: Reality show (Raising Sextuplets) participant, financial consultant, pharmaceutical sales, former member of U.S. Air Force Security Forces.

Jenny: Reality show (Raising Sextuplets) participant, physician's assistant, owner of real estate investment company.


Bryan and Jennifer and their sextuplets live in Destin, Florida.

Quotes About the Marriage of Bryan and Jenny Masche:

Bryan: "When you understand that there's no way out of marriage, that forces you to work on your marriage ... We both have an understanding in our minds that there is no out," he added. "I know personally that I’m accountable to God, and Jenny knows she's accountable to God, and we don't have any way out of this thing. So if we’re going to be stuck with each other for the next 80 years, we better make it good."
Source: Lorenzo Benet, Joanne Fowler. "Raising Sextuplets Dad Bryan Masche Arrested." People.com. 9/19/2010.

Jenny: "Their marriage, said Jenny, "is a work in progress, and it's totally not perfect. But we believe that the stronger the couple is, the stronger the marriage is and the better it is for the children."
Source: Lorenzo Benet, Joanne Fowler. "Raising Sextuplets Dad Bryan Masche Arrested." People.com. 9/19/2010.

Bryan on keeping a marriage alive: "Surround yourself with people who love you and care about your relationship. You’re in it for good, come hell or high water. You have to do whatever it takes to fix [your marriage]. That’s what we’re going through. I’m going through anger management classes right now, [where I] delve a little bit into my past."
Source: Emma Sarran, Christine Wei. "Raising Sextuplets." Babble.com. 8/18/2010.

Jenny: "We try whenever we have the opportunity to have a date night, which is time away from our house, just the two of us —- whether we go to the bookstore or a movie or just have dinner. It’s constantly thinking of when we can squeeze in a couple of hours."
Source: Emma Sarran, Christine Wei. "Raising Sextuplets." Babble.com. 8/18/2010.

"Even though they feel badly about what happened to the Gosselins, it confirmed their need for boundaries. 'Filming will always be a side thing for us, not our life and not our means of income. We still have our normal life and our jobs. That sense of reality keeps us grounded."
Source: "Catching Up with the Masche Sextuplets." PhoenixChildrens.com. 5/2010. pgs. 10-14.

"They're also brutally honest about the challenges they've faced raising sextuplets: Jenny's bout with post partum depression, the strain on their marriage, financial struggles, the obvious loss of freedom, and the inevitable comparisons to Jon and Kate Gosselin and Nadya Suleman (aka OctoMom ... At the same time, the whirlwind of people in and out of their home was hard on the marriage."
Source: "Catching Up with the Masche Sextuplets." PhoenixChildrens.com. 5/2010. pgs. 10-14.

Jenny: "We sought counseling with our pastor and his wife simply because we knew we needed help! ... Over the past two years we have met regularly with our pastor simply because we need it! We get so angry or hurt or start competing over who is doing more at home ... Along with counseling, Bryan and I try to do regular date nights ..."
Source: Jenny Masche. "Marriage is Work ... a LOT of Work." WETV.com. 7/10/2009.

Jenny: “We do regular date nights just because we desperately need that time together alone for us to feel like a team and like we’re on the same page."
Source: Mike Celizic. "Sextuplet Mom Was Wary About Reality Show." MSNBC.msn.com. 6/05/2009.

Jenny: "That first year with six kids was incredibly difficult; it really stressed our marriage. But we knew the best thing we could give our kids was a solid marriage."
Source: Mary Darr, Tally Flint. "Up Close & Personal With Jenny Masche." ChristianityToday.com. 03/2009.

Bryan: "You can’t be married and sit back. If you think you are going to just going to be married and go to work…have a family and do fun things and your marriage is going to stay healthy, then you’re completely blinded. You have to find ways to pro-actively protect your marriage to help it thrive. To really nurture it."
Source: Vicki Louk Balint. "Jenny and Bryan Masche: It's Real Love. RaisingArizonaKids.com. 2/2008.

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