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Marriages of Marie Osmond and Steve Craig


Marie Osmond and Steve Craig in 2013 at an awards show.

Steve Craig and Marie Osmond arrive at Broadcast Television Journalists Association's third annual Critics' Choice Television Awards at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on June 10, 2013 in Los Angeles, California.

Photo: Mark Davis / Getty Images for CCTA
Steve Craig and Marie Osmond married one another twice, with a 30-year gap between their marriages. Here is information about their first marriage, their divorce, and their second marriage.
Marriage Fast Facts - Marie and Steve
Met: Abt. 1978.
First Marriage: June 26, 1982.
Divorced: October 1985.
Second Marriage: May 4, 2011.

Did You Know?
Steve and Marie dated secretly for two years prior to their second wedding. She also wore the same wedding dress at both of their weddings.


Olive Marie Osmond: October 13, 1959 in Ogden, Utah.

Stephen (Steve) Craig: Abt. 1956.

How Stephen and Marie Met:

Although Stephen and Marie had met five years earlier after a BYU basketball game, they had only dated 18 months before their first wedding.
Andrew Springer: "When asked how she fell back in love, she simply replied, 'Well, you don't plan those things.' She said Craig helped her move into their Las Vegas home and their rekindled relationship began soon after."
Source: Andrew Springer, Ashleigh Banfield. "Marie Osmond Kept Relationship With Ex Secret for Two Years Before Remarrying." ABCNews.go.com. 5/09/2011.

First Wedding Date -- June 26, 1982:

Marie, age 22, and Stephen, age 25, were married on June 26, 1982 at the Salt Lake City Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in a private ceremony officiated by Paul H. Dunn.

Marie wore a wedding dress made of 35 yards of silk taffeta with a 16-foot train designed by Ret Turner. Her wedding dress was described as glittering. They reportedly had 4,500 guests at their wedding reception.

Stephen and Marie had a short honeymoon that lasted just three days.

Divorce -- October 1985:

After two separations and reconciliations, Marie filed for divorce from Stephen Craig three years later in May 1985 citing mental cruelty. The divorce was granted in October 1985.

Second Wedding Date -- May 4, 2011:

Marie and Stephen were married on May 4, 2011 in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Mormon temple there. They held a wedding reception at their home in Nevada.
"Not only did the entertainer, 51, remarry her first husband Stephen Craig -- she also wore the same wedding dress she donned a their first trip down the aisle back in 1982! A new pic reveals Osmond resplendent at her do-over wedding with Craig (father to her son Stephen, now 28), which took place at the Las Vegas Mormon temple on Wednesday."
Source: "Marie Osmond Recycles Wedding Dress to Remarry 1st Husband." UUSMagazine.com. 5/5/2011.


Stephen and Marie have one son, Stephen James Craig, born in 1983 in Provo, Utah. Stephen is an actor and musician.


Stephen: Motivational speaker, former basketball player for BYU, professional basketball player, real estate salesman, and production designer.

Marie: Singer, author, actress, producer, talk show host, and owner of the "Marie Osmond Fine Porcelain Collector Dolls" multimillion-dollar business. Marie is also a co-founder and co-host of Children's Miracle Network.

Other Marriages:

Marie married Brian Blosil on October 28, 1986. They divorced in 2007. Brian Blosil and Marie Osmond Marriage Profile

Quotes About the Marriage of Marie Osmond and Stephen Craig:

Marie: "I am so happy and look forward to sharing my life with Stephen, who is an amazing man as well as a great father to my children."
Source: Elizabeth Leonard. "Marie Osmond Remarries Her First Husband." People.com 5/4/2011.

Marie about marrying Steve the first time: "I know I'll never find anyone I love or respect more than Steve."
Source: The Chronicle Telegram. 6/26/1982.

Marie about Steve Craig: "Steve is the father of my son, and we'll always have a relationship. I have no reason to say anything about him. The things that happened are between us ... Divorce is sad, but sometimes it's necessary."
Source: The Daily Intelligencer. 3/10/1987.

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