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Samantha Bee and Jason Jones Marriage Profile


Samantha Bee and Jason Jones

TV personalities/comedians Jason Jones and Samantha Bee attend the 'Rated P For Parenthood' off Broadway opening night at The Westside Theatre on February 29, 2012 in New York City.

Photo: Stephen Lovekin / Getty Images

A couple both in real-life and while working together on The Daily Show, Samantha Bee and Jason Jones believe in being happy with simple things. Here is information about the Bee-Jones marriage relationship.

Fast Marriage Facts - Jason and Samantha:

Wedding Date: 2001.
First Marriage: Yes.

Did You Know?

Samantha and Jason have three children.

While all their advice in this article is good, we especially like two of the ten suggestions given by Samantha Bee and Jason Jones:

"In our opinion, gifts that require someone to perform a household task don't count as gifts."

"Accept that everybody needs alone time."


Samantha Jamie Bee: October 25, 1969 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Jason Pierre Jones: June 3, 1967 in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.


How Samantha and Jason Met:

Jason and Samantha met in 1996 while working on the same touring Sailor Moon children's show. They started dating in 1997.

Samantha: "We met doing children's theater. We started dating 10 years ago, but we met maybe a year or two before that. People that work in children's theater are bitter, and we were no exception to that. That's what brought us together, really."
Source: Jeffrey Felshman. "An Interview with The Daily Show's Samantha Bee." Staging.com. 4/26/2007.
Samantha: "To be fair, Jason was a member of the B cast and I was the "star" of the A cast, so in our lame hierarchy, I was his superior and could have simply commanded him to love me."
Source: Samantha Bee. I Know I Am, But What Are You? 2010. pg. 172.



Samantha: "It was not love at first sight. In fact, I thought he was a bit of a cad. Well, he certainly looked like one."
Source: Richard Ouzounian. "Samantha Bee: A Bee-autiful Life." TheStar.com. 10/10/2009.


Wedding Date:

Jason and Samantha were married in 2001.


Samantha and Jason have three children.

  • Piper Bee-Jones: Born in 2006.
  • Fletcher Bee-Jones: Born in 2008.
  • Ripley Bee-Jones: Born in 2010.



Jason and Samantha live in New York City, New York and have a 2-bedroom cottage in the Catskills.

Samantha: "... we don't live a lavish lifestyle and we're happy that way. We're hippies at heart and the truth is, we enjoy each other's company. We're very very lucky we like each other, because we work together A LOT in small spaces. I should add that we do have a place that we go to in the Catskills and that place actually has two bedrooms."
Source: Christina Couch. "Samantha Bee." Babble.com.au. 2/17/2009.



Samantha: Author, actress, comedian.

Jason: Writer, comedian, actor, director, producer, cellist, public speaker.


Quotes About the Marriage of Jason Jones and Samantha Bee:

Samantha and Jason: "Ultimately, we came up with this list of marriage rules and reminders—all of which, we hope, are cheaper and more fun than therapy."
Source: Samantha Bee, Jason Jones. 10 Ways to Make Your Marriage Divorceproof." RealSimple.com. 07/2010.

Samantha: "Jason and I are perfectly matched."
Source: Samantha Bee. I Know I Am, But What Are You? 2010. pg. 175.

Samantha: "Dating from well before the turn of the twentieth century, if there has ever been a successful, happy marriage in my family lineage, I have yet to hear about it. When I rack my brain, I can't think of a single adult, other than myself, in my immediate or extended family who has not been painfully divorced at least once, usually twice -- even the gay ones. This inspires tremendous confidence in my husband."
Source: Samantha Bee. I Know I Am, But What Are You? 2010. pg. 3.

Jason and Samantha: "If you can compromise on the red hot–button subject of cleanliness, your marriage is unlikely to be thrown off course by comparatively less volatile topics, like politics, religion, and money."
Source: Samantha Bee, Jason Jones. "10 Ways to Make Your Marriage Divorceproof." RealSimple.com. 07/2010.

Samantha: "Our relationship was forged in the fires of children’s theatrical performance mishaps. It was all about managing shame."
Source: Toronto Life Staff. "The Secret Life of Bee: one-on-one with The Daily Show's Samantha Bee." TorontoLife.com. 5/27/2010.

Samantha on working with Jason: "It's very helpful. It's really nice that they hired Jason because that makes it a lot easier on me because we have adult time together. Being at work is kind of like being on a date minus the S-E-X."
Source: "The Not-So-Secret Life of Samantha Bee." NPR.org. 6/02/2010.

Samantha: "Jason had consistently wowed me at every possible holiday and birthday. He's the kind of person who remembers every single thing you've ever said about anything you've ever liked or wanted to do, and files it away in a steel trap in his brain in order to make you cry six months later."
Source: Samantha Bee. I Know I Am, But What Are You? 2010. pg. 228.

Samantha: "I have no idea how couples do it when they don't work together. We would never see each other except for cleaning up diapers or sweeping the floor. I don't think we would like each other if we didn't work together."
Source: Rory Evans. "Interview with the Daily Show's Samantha Bee." WomensHealthMag.com. 11/2008.

Samantha: "Be happy with simple things. Jason and I are pretty happy when we can have an hour to ourselves, eating a piece of chocolate and watching Top Chef. Those moments are so golden. We keep our expectations for private time low and happiness ensues."
Source: Christina Couch. "Samantha Bee." Babble.com.au. 2/17/2009.


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