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Diane Lane and Josh Brolin Marriage Profile


Photo: Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images

Diane Lane and Josh Brolin in Los Angeles, California on January 25, 2009.

Photo: Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images

Diane Lane and Josh Brolin were married in 2004 and divorce papers were filed in February 2013. Here is information about their secret wedding, their thoughts about marriage, and more.

Marriage Fast Facts - Josh and Diane
Met: 2001.
Married: August 14, 2004.
Divorce Papers Filed: February 2013.
Divorced: November 2013.
First Marriage: No.

Did You Know?
Diane said she didn't believe in the comment "Love is never having to say you're sorry."

News Updates:

12/02/2013: The divorce filed earlier this year to end the marriage of Josh Brolin and Diane Lane has been finalized. Josh is still in rehab for alcohol addiction.

2/14/2013: Diane Lane filed for divorce.



Josh J. Brolin: February 12, 1968 in Los Angeles, California.

Diane Lane: January 22, 1965 in New York City, New York.


How Diane and Josh Met:

Some reports state Josh and Diane met in 2001 at the premiere of A Beautiful Mind and other reports claim the couple met in 1991. They were later reintroduced to one another in 2002 at a party by Barbra Streisand.

Diane and Josh announced their engagement in July 2003 after Josh proposed on bended knee on the Fourth of July.


Wedding Date and Info:

Diane and Josh were married on August 14, 2004 in a secret sunset ceremony. Later reports stated that they exchanged vows on his "ninety-seven acre spread in San Luis Obispo, California."
Source: "Diane Lane and Josh Brolin's Wedding." Lovetripper.com.

Their wedding was officiated by Anthony Zerbe. Elizabeth Perkins was the matron of honor, daughters Eden and Eleanor were flower girls, and son Trevor was the ring bearer.



Josh has two children.

  • Trevor Brolin: His mother is Alice Adair.
  • Eden Brolin: Her mother is Alice Adair.

Diane has a daughter.

  • Eleanor Lambert: Born in 1993. Her father is Christopher Lambert.



Josh: Actor, writer, director, producer.

Diane: Actress.


Previous Marriages:


  • Alice Adair: Josh and Alice, an actress, were married in 1988. They divorced in 1992.


  • Christopher Lambert: Diane and Christopher married in 1988 and divorced in 1994.



Quotes About the Marriage of Diane Lane and Josh Brolin:

Diane: “I remember hearing someone say, ‘To do it once is easy’ [getting married]. There’s something you give that you don’t really ever give again. What you do is, you give something else. You know, to knowingly go forward and do it again is very different from the blindness of love and all that. There’s an element of faith involved.”
Source: David Elmer. "Diane Lane." Timesonline.co.uk. 3/14/2004.


Josh: "I pretend to run the show and my wife allows me to think that I run everything. But she’s really in charge. We all get along with each other — all the kids and our exes. It is a modern marriage."
Source: "Josh Brolin: 'Our Household is Strange.'" Celebrity-babies.com. 11/08/2008.



Diane: "My work life has grown, my relationship with Josh has grown, my responsibilities as a parent grew and changed. One day about a year and a half ago, I realized I can't put these responsibilities in a jar and tend to them later, especially when it comes to time with my family. Life isn't "when the kids get a little older" or "when Josh and I have the perfect quiet moment alone." Right now is all we've got."
Source: David Hochman. "Diane Lane: 'I'm the person I've always wanted to become.'" Redbook.com.

Diane about marriage: "You don't know how many flaws you have until you've lived with someone. It's humbling just to stick it out. Love is saying you're sorry. It's the opposite of those cherub posters that say, "Love is never having to say you're sorry." Wrong! Love is three sorrys a day. If you haven't met that quota, something's wrong."
Source: David Hochman. "Diane Lane: 'I'm the person I've always wanted to become.'" Redbook.com.

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