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Fiona Loudon and Daniel Craig Marriage Profile


Daniel Craig's first marriage was a short one. It only lasted two years.

News Updates:

6/22/2011: Daniel Craig married actress Rachel Weisz after a short courtship.

3/5/2008: Satsuki Mitchell's Cartier diamond ring fueled rumors that she and Daniel Craig are engaged. Daniel and Satsuki met in 2005.
Source: Wendy Davidson. "Licensed to wed?" AisleDash.com. 3/5/2008.


Daniel Wroughton Craig: March 2, 1968 in Chester, England.

Fiona Loudon: Abt. 1968 in Scotland.

Wedding Date:

Daniel and Fiona were married in 1992. Their marriage ended in divorce in 1994.


Daniel has one daughter.
  • Ella Craig: Born in 1992. Her mother is Fiona Loudon.


Daniel Craig: Actor, producer. Daniel has portrayed the James Bond character since 2006.

Fiona Loudon: Actress.


Daniel purchased an expensive 2-story apartment in Regent's Park in London, England.

Quotes About the Marriage of Fiona Loudon and Daniel Craig :

"Craig believes his relationship with Fiona imploded because he didn't understand the importance of being a husband ... Commitment is part of a life. The toughest part, probably ... I do believe in marriage. I really do. I believe that getting together with somebody and making a public statement about it is a good thing. I just didn't really understand it before."
Source: "Daniel Craig wants to get married again - one day." M&C.com. 1/24/2006.

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