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Rebecca Miller and Daniel Day-Lewis


Photo: Francois Durand / Getty Images

Daniel Day-Lewis and Rebecca Miller in Paris, France on February 12, 2008.

Photo: Francois Durand / Getty Images
Daniel Day-Lewis and Rebecca Miller prefer to keep their private lives private, but they do have definite views about marriage.

Here is information on how they met, their wedding, and more.

Fast Marriage Facts - Daniel and Rebecca
Met: 1995.
Married: November 13, 1996.
First Marriage: Yes.

Did You Know?
They have homes both in Ireland and in the U.S.


Daniel Michael Blake Day-Lewis: April 29, 1957 in London, England.

Rebecca Augusta Miller: September 15, 1962 in Roxbury, Connecticut.

How Daniel and Rebecca Met:

Although many websites report that Rebecca and Daniel met at her father's house while Daniel was meeting with her dad about the movie production of The Crucible, Rebecca said in an interview that they met in 1995.
Rebecca: "I sent the script to Daniel way back in 1995. I arranged a screening of Angela for him, which he loved. That was how we ended up meeting -- to talk about the film. From that meeting came all the rest of our relationship.'
Source: Peter Stanford, "Miller's tale," The Observer, 3/19/2006.

Wedding Date:

Daniel and Rebecca were married in a private ceremony in Vermont on November 13, 1996.
Tamasin Day-Lewis: "It was completely perfect. It was a family occasion, terribly small, with only the closest people there. Everyone was fantastically happy and he's fantastically happy."
Source: Louise Jury, "Dramatic conclusion to the dalliances of Daniel Day-Lewis", The Independent, 11/18/1996.


Rebecca and Daniel have two sons.
  • Ronan Cal Day-Lewis: Born in 1998.
  • Cashel Blake Day-Lewis: Born in 2002.

Daniel also has a son from his relationship with Isabelle Adjani.

  • Gabriel-Kane Day-Lewis: Born in 1995 in New York, New York.


Daniel and Rebecca have homes in the U.S. and in Ireland. Their 18th-century home in Ireland is in Wicklow Mountains, a remote, rural area.
Peter Stanford: "Now they spend half the year on his patch -- his father was Anglo-Irish -- and half on hers in Roxbury and New York. It doesn't feel like exile, she says, and, anyway, her mother was European."
Source: Peter Stanford. "Miller's tale." The Observer. 3/19/2006.
Daniel: "I do have dual citizenship, but I think of England as my country. I miss London very much but I couldn't live there because there came a time when I needed to be private and was forced to be public by the press. I couldn't deal with it."
Source: IMDB.com


Daniel: Actor, woodworker.

Rebecca: Director, screenwriter, actress, writer, painter, sculptor.

Quotes About the Marriage of Daniel Day-Lewis and Rebecca Miller:

Daniel about Rebecca: "She is the most normal, down-to-earth person you could ever meet. We agree entirely about how to raise our children, and we enjoy each other's company."
Source: Caris Davis. "Daniel Day-Lewis: 'I'm a Hands-On Parent.'" People.com. 2/4/2008.

Daniel about Rebecca's tolerance: "My wife is amazingly tolerant. I knew that from the word go. She just believes, like I do, that if you are attempting anything of a creative nature, no rules apply."
Source: ShowBizSpy

Rebecca about working with Daniel on The Ballad of Jack and Rose: "There were practical questions, like who would look after the children if we were both working? In the end, we took a nanny to the set on Prince Edward Island and the children had a ball, playing on the beach with the children of the cast and crew. It was like Lord of the Flies - but in a nice way. No murder ... We acknowledged before we started that we were in an odd situation on set. You have to remember who you are as a couple, but you also have to forget because you're telling a story that does not involve you as couple. It's about creating an alternative structure in which you work for a while. It works as long as you know it's a structure."
Source: Peter Stanford. "Miller's tale." The Observer. 3/19/2006.

Rebecca about marriage: “Marriage and motherhood mean you go from being the chief protagonist to being on the sidelines and I’m fascinated by that. Then time passes and you get back to how you were, but things aren’t quite the same ... For most women, the moment when they have children –- especially if they are women who have an occupation –- is the moment they either have to put it on hold or shrink from it, start shrinking ... In my case, there was never any question that I would stop anything –- but then I had a job that was very conducive to having children: writing, or even making films –- my shoots are quite short and don’t go on and on, so it’s easy for me to continue because I never had to interrupt people’s lives too much ... Every time you read an article or a book about this, the solution is ‘women have to quit work’, that’s always the solution: quit, quit, quit. I think that’s terrible.”
Source: India Knight. "Sacrifice is the first task of the perfect wife." The Sunday Times. 2/17/2008.

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