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Carol Arthur and Dom DeLuise Marriage Profile


Photo: Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

Dom and Carol DeLuise on November 9, 2003 in Los Angeles, California.

Photo: Frazer Harrison / Getty Images
After meeting Dom in a summer stock production, Carol thought 'This is the way to spend a lifetime.' Dom DeLuise and Carol Arthur were married for nearly 44 years before his death in May 2009.

Here is information about how they met, when they were married, their children, and more.


Dom DeLuise aka Dominick DeLuise: August 1, 1933 in Brooklyn, New York.

Carol Arthur aka Carol Arata: August 4, 1935 in East Rutherford, New Jersey.


Dom: May 4, 2009 in Santa Monica, California at St. John's Health Center. Dom died at the age of 75. Carol and his three sons were with him when he died.

How Dom and Carol Met:

Carol and Dom met in Provincetown, Massachusetts while working in summer stock.

Wedding Date:

November 23, 1965.


Dom and Carol have three sons and three grandchildren.
  • Peter John DeLuise: Born in 1966 in New York City, New York. Peter is a writer, producer, director, and actor.
  • Michael Robert DeLuise: Born in 1970 in Burbank, California. Michael is a editor, producer, director, and actor.
  • David DeLuise: Born in 1971 in Burbank, California. David is an actor.


Dom: Comedian, actor, producer, chef, author, singer, dancer, and director.

Carol: Actress, singer.


Dom and Carol lived in Pacific Palisades for many years.

Quotes About the Marriage of Carol Arthur and Dom DeLuise:

Carol in 1999: "I never met anybody like him. He was just so much bigger than life, and he was so funny. I thought, 'This is the way to spend a lifetime.'"
Source: Dennis McLellan. "Dom DeLuise dies at 75; actor was a 'naturally funny man.'" LATimes.com. 5/5/2009.

Dom: "When Carol and I were engaged to be married, she came to Brooklyn to "meet the family." As you can imagine, they were excited to meet her because I told them that I was very serious about this girl from East Rutherford, New jersey, whose father was a cop, and who was in show business. I also told them they should all go easy on her."
Source: Dom DeLuise. Eat This ... It'll Make you Feel Better. 1991. pg. 111.

Dom: "Ruth Buzzi and I met when we were working at Provincetown, Massachusetts, a hundred years ago. That's also where I first met my wife, Carol. In fact we were all in a show called Summer and Smirk."
Source: Dom DeLuise. Eat This Too: It'll Make You Feel Better. 1998. pg. 79.

Dom: "I find that comedians generally in their home lives tend to be a little more serious than one would think."
Source: "Celebrity Recap." Orange Coast Magazine. 12/1983. pg. 46.

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