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Tea Leoni and David Duchovny Marriage and Divorce

Duchovny-Leoni Divorce Finalized in 2014


Photo: Kevin Winter / Getty Images

Tea Leoni and David Duchovny on December 14, 2005 in Westwood, California.

Photo: Kevin Winter / Getty Images

Although the marriage of Tea Leoni and David Duchovny appeared to be over when the couple separated in 2008, they later reconciled, only to split again in June 2011. They later divorced in 2014. Here is how David and Tea met, their wedding, children, and more.

Marriage Fast Facts - David and Tea
Met: 1992
Married: May 6, 1997
1st Separation: 2008
2nd Separation: 2011
Divorced: 2014
First Marriage: No.  

Did You Know?
 Tea and David made a pact to never give up on their relationship. Sadly, it didn't save their marriage.


Tea Leoni aka Elizabeth Tea Pantaleoni: February 25, 1966 in New York, New York.

David William Duchovny: August 7, 1960 in New York, New York.


How Tea and David Met:

David and Tea met in 1992 but were just acquaintances until early 1997 when they connected again at the party of a mutual friend.

Wedding Date:

Tea and David were married in the garden of the Grace Church School in New York City in a 20-minute ceremony on May 6, 1997. Craig Townsend, an Episcopal minister, officiated the wedding ceremony. Guests included only family members.

David wore "a beige Armani suit" and Tea wore "a pale pink floral gown by Lily et Cie" ... The party moved on to a private room in Gascogne, a French restaurant, for a quiet, informal meal ... The couple then spent their wedding night at the small, upscale Lowell Hotel."
Source: Tom Gliatto. "Altared State." People. 5/19/1997.



Tea and David have two children.

  • Madelaine West Duchovny: Born April 1999.
  • Kyd Miller Duchovny: Born June 2002.



Tea: Actress, producer.

David: Actor, writer, producer, director.


Separation Timeline:

8/28/08: David Duchovny entered a rehabilitation center for sex addiction.

10/15/08: Publicists announced that Tea and David had been separated for several months.

12/03/09: Reports of David and Tia appearing together and looking happy.

6/18/11: David and Tea separated for the second time.


Previous Marriages:

Tea was previously married to Neil Tardio from June 8, 1991 through October 1995 when they divorced. Tardio is a commercial director.

Quotes About the Marriage of Tea Leoni and David Duchovny:

Tea on the Tiger Woods scandal: "I've been through some crazy things this past year, personally," she says. "I think everybody just [needs to say] God bless and get through it."
Source: "Tea Leoni Talks Tiger: 'God bless and get through it.'" Insider.com. 12/03/2009.

David on responsibility in marriage: "I don't think marriage changes that. What changes is the way the sexes relate -- you smile at each other and then it escalates. I don't respond to that now. It's not someone else's responsibility to honor my marriage. It's my responsibility. I never got that attitude toward cheating: "How could she have an affair with a married man?" Isn't that his responsibility?"
Source: Playboy, 12/1998.

David: "The great benefit of monogamy is that you get to trust the person you're with and she gets to trust you. And so much comes out of that. So whether or not men and women were meant to be monogamous -- and we can debate all the theories until we die -- I know I gain something great from it. Whether or not it's natural."
Source: Playboy, 12/1998.

Tea in an interview: "Q. Do you work more than your husband [actor David Duchovny] now?
A. No, I don’t. We’re both sort of fair with each other. He’ll go away or work and then I have my time."
Source: Rebecca Murray. "Interview with Tea Leoni." Movies.about.com

Tea about her parents' marriage: "I've always been aware that my parents have an incredible marriage, I can even remember being jealous of it as a child. They were always doing things together, playing tennis, going running. They thoroughly enjoyed each other's company. They were always holding hands and kissing."
Source: "Tea Leoni's Second Marriage Attempt Will Succeed." Cinema.com. 7/9/2001.

Tea about her pact with David to never give up on their relationship: "Neither of us is deluded enough to think that every morning we'll wake up in love. We very well may but if we don't, neither of us would panic."
Source: "Tea leoni's Second Marriage Attempt Will Succeed." Cinema.com. 7/9/2001.


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