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Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar Marriage Profile


Photo:  Copyright © 2006 Jim Bob Duggar. Licensed under Creative Commons.
Photo: Copyright © 2006 Jim Bob Duggar. Licensed under Creative Commons.
Although Jim Bob Duggar says their first priority is making time for each other and that forgiveness in their marriage is essential, his number one marriage tip is "Be fruitful and multiply." Their parenting beliefs are also controversial.
Fast Marriage Facts - Michelle and Jim Bob
Met: 1983
Married: July 21, 1984
First Marriage: Yes

Did You Know?
When they married, Michelle was 17 and Jim Bob was 19.

News Updates:

12/08/2011: According to People.com, Michelle Duggar "suffered a miscarriage in her second trimester."

11/08/2011: She's 45 and they are expecting their 20th child. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar made the announcement on the TODAY television show.


Jim Bob Duggar aka James Robert Duggar: July 18, 1965 in Tontitown, Arkansas.

Michelle Ruark: September 13, 1966.

How Jim Bob and Michelle Met:

Michelle and Jim Bob met when he visited her as part of his church's outreach program. Jim Bob proposed on Christmas Eve in 1983.

Wedding Date:

One year after they met, Jim Bob and Michelle were married on July 21, 1984. She was 17 and Jim Bob was 19. They honeymooned in Fort Smith and in a cabin on Mount Nebo in Arkansas.
Jim Bob: "We got married when Michelle was 17 and I was 19," Jim Bob says. "We were married in the hallway of a church because at the time they had no sanctuary. There were plastic chairs and crepe paper. So, when we renewed our vows, we did it in that same hallway and we splurged to make bows out of a plastic white table cloth this time, but we still had plastic chairs. I think it is important to have the kids see that commitment themselves."
Source: Alicia Dennis. "Duggars Expecting Their 19th Child!" People.com. 9/01/2009.


The Duggars have 10 sons and 9 daughters. The children, all homeschooled, have names beginning with the letter J.
  • Joshua James Duggar: Born in 1988. After a supervised courtship, Joshua married Anna Keller in 2008. Their kiss at their wedding was their first kiss. Josh and Anna's first child, Mackynzie Renee Duggar, was born at home in October 2009. Anna had a miscarriage in summer 2010. Josh and Anna's second child, Michael Duggar, was born in June 2011. They are expecting their third child in June 2013.
  • Miscarriage.
  • Jana Marie Duggar: Born in 1990.
  • John-David Duggar: Born in 1990.
  • Jill Michelle Duggar: Born in 1991.
  • Jessa Lauren Duggar: Born in 1992.
  • Jinger Nicole Duggar: Born in 1993.
  • Joseph Garrett Duggar: Born in 1995.
  • Josiah Matthew Duggar: Born in 1996.
  • Joy-Anna Duggar: Born in 1997.
  • Jedidiah Robert Duggar: Born in 1998.
  • Jeremiah Robert Duggar: Born in 1998.
  • Jason Michael Duggar: Born in 2000.
  • James Andrew Duggar: Born in 2001.
  • Justin Samuel Duggar: Born in 2002.
  • Jackson Levi Duggar: Born in 2004.
  • Johanna Faith Duggar: Born in 2005.
  • Jennifer Danielle Duggar: Born in 2007.
  • Jordyn-Grace Makiya Duggar: Born in December 2008.
  • Josie Brooklyn Duggar: Born in December 2009 at 25 weeks' gestation.
  • Jubilee Shalom Duggar: Miscarriage in December 2011.


Michelle and Jim's Tontitown, Arkansas home on 20 acres is over 7,000 square feet.


Jim Bob: Reality television show participant on 18 Kids and Counting, author, real estate agent. Jim Bob served 2 terms in the Arkansas House of Representatives.

Michelle: Stay-at-home mom, reality television show participant, substitute teacher.

"After selling multiple real-estate properties and investing wisely, they now fund their lifestyle with income from commercial real estate and a cell-phone tower they own, as well as payments for their TLC series and a new book ..."
Source: Alicia Dennis. "... and Baby Makes 20! People.com. 4/20/2009.

Quotes About the Marriage of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar:

Jim Bob, on the possibility of another pregnancy although there are medical risks for Michelle: "People think we are overpopulating the world. We are following our convictions."
Source: "The Duggars: We're Open to Having a 20th Child." People.com. 8/11/2010.

Jim Bob: "One of our goals is to encourage other families and parents that their marriage can be strong even if they have kids."
Source: Alicia Dennis. "Jim Bob Duggar Shares Tips for a Happy Marriage." People.com. 9/02/2009.

Jim Bob: "It is easy to think of the things that are bothering you more often than the things that are wonderful. It's important to remember those things about your spouse and think about those things. A great rule of thumb is to say 10 nice things to every one critical thing."
Source: Alicia Dennis. "Jim Bob Duggar Shares Tips for a Happy Marriage." People.com. 9/02/2009.

Dawn Stacey: "The Duggars are devout Christians who take the Biblical advice to be fruitful and multiply literally. They are part of the QuiverFull movement, which holds that couples should have as many children “as God gives them.”
Source: Dawn Stacey. "Another Baby to Join the Duggar Family." Contraception.about.com. 4/14/2009.

Jim Bob: "Right from the beginning, we determined to treat each other with love and respect and to never let a day end without resolving any conflicts that might arise."
Source: Jim Bob Duggar, Michelle Duggar. The Duggars: 20 and Counting! 2008. pg. 27. (Compare Prices)

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