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The Marriage of Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood


Photo: Kevin Winter / Getty Images

Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood at the 2007 MusiCares Person of the Year in Los Angeles, California on February 9, 2007.

Photo: Kevin Winter / Getty Images

It appears that more celebrities are finding ways to keep meaningful family moments away from the press. Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood surprised many by being married on December 10, 2005 in a very small, private wedding at their home in Oklahoma.

Here's more information about Garth and Trisha's marriage.

Fast Marriage Facts - Trisha and Garth
Met: Late 1980s.
Engaged: May 25, 2005.
Married: December 10, 2005.
First Marriage: No.

Did You Know?
Garth proposed to Trisha before 7,000 fans.

News Updates:

10/15/2009: Garth Brooks announced he would come out of retirement. "We're going to take the retirement roof off over our head, and I already feel taller ..."



Troyal Garth Brooks: Tulsa, Oklahoma on February 7, 1962.

Trisha Lynn Yearwood: September 19, 1964 in Monticello, Georgia.


How Garth and Trisha Met:

Garth and Trisha met in the late 1980s when Trisha was an opening act on his tour. They began dating in 2000 after Garth's divorce was final.

Wedding Proposal and Engagement:

Garth proposed to Trisha on May 25, 2005 before 7,000 fans who were there to see the unveiling of a Garth Brooks bronze 8 foot tall statue at Buck Owens' Crystal Palace in Bakersfield, California.

Garth, on one knee, took off his hat, and asked "Will you marry me?" Although she was taken by surprise, Trisha said "yes" right away.


Wedding Date and Ceremony:

Filing for their marriage license in Claremore, Oklahoma on December 9, 2005, Garth and Trisha still surprised folks with their wedding the next day. Garth and Trisha were married on December 10, 2005 in a private ceremony at their own home in Oklahoma with family members with them.

Ages at Wedding:

Garth was 43; Trisha was 41.



Garth has three daughters with ex-wife Sandy.

  • Taylor Mayne Pearl Brooks: Born in 1992.
  • August Anna Brooks: Born in 1994.
  • Allie Colleen Brooks: Born in 1996.
Trisha has no children.



Garth and Trisha live on a farm/ranch in Owasso, Oklahoma. He moved back to Oklahoma in 2003 to be closer to his daughters.

His Nashville home is a $1.1 million 31-year-old mansion on a hilltop in Goodlettsville, Tennessee. He purchased the "Blue Rose Estate" which sits on 20 acres in 1991 for $435,000. He spent more than $400,000 in improvements in 1992. Some of the changes he made included indoor racquetball and basketball courts.

According to the Office of the Property Assessor of Davidson County, Tennessee, Garth's home was built about 1970, with a brick exterior. The home has 13 rooms with 7 bedrooms and 6 baths.


Garth Brooks: Country singer, composer, and musician. Garth announced his retirement on 10/26/2000 stating that he needed to be more present to his children while they were growing up.

Trisha Yearwood: Country singer, composer, cookbook author, and host of a cooking show.

Previous Marriages:

Garth has one previous marriage.

  • Sandy Mahl: Garth married his college sweetheart, songwriter Sandy Mahl, on 5/24/1986. They met when Garth was a bouncer at a bar. Garth and Sandy separated in March, 1999. Garth filed for divorce on 11/06/2000 in Davidson County, Tennessee. The couple divorced on 12/17/2001. Although the sealed divorce decree cited irreconcilable differences, Garth said in an interview with Barbara Walters that he had been unfaithful numerous times while he was on music tours.
Sandy moved back to Oklahoma with their three daughters. On 4/3/2006, Sandy was kidnapped by a worker who was being arrested on her ranch. She broke free a few miles away and ran for help in a convenience store.
Trisha has two previous marriages.
  • Christopher Latham: Trisha's marriage to Christopher Latham, a musician, lasted from 1987 to 1991. Their marriage ended in divorce.
  • Robert Reynolds: Trisha married her second husband, Robert Reynolds, a bass player and composer, on May 21, 1994. Their marriage ended in divorce in 1999.



Garth attended Oklahoma State University in Stillwater financed by a javelin throwing scholarship. In 1984, he earned a degree in advertising.

In 1987, Trisha received a B.A. in Music Business from Belmont College in Nashville.

Quotes About the Marriage and Family of Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood:

Garth: "This was somebody I always enjoyed being around. And we had a lot more in common than I ever dreamed we did. And so we started seeing each other after the divorce. We'd known each other music-wise, but we got to see each other as people. And I've got to tell you, if you like her and don't know her, you'll love her. If you love her and don't know her, you'll worship her. She's the real deal ... I never knew that everyday you could wake up and feel like this. And I have God and I have Ms. Yearwood to thank for this."
Source: Allison Takeda. "Garth Brooks on His Relationship With Wife Trisha Yearwood: 'I Never Knew It Could Be Like This.'"   USMagazine.com. 11/29/2013.


Garth about their wedding: "It's the perfect Christmas gift to each other. We could not be happier."
Source: People.com

Garth on being a husband: "I don't have any faith in myself as a husband at this point. I do as a father, but I do have a lot of faith in myself as a friend to my wife. Those are things you stare at the ceiling and you think about, like all of us do, at night."
Source: Launch. 3/01.

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