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Marriage of Ann Serrano and George Lopez


Ann and George Lopez in 2009

Ann and George Lopez in Los Angeles, California on August 26, 2009.

Photo: Kevin Winter / Getty Images
When Ann Serrano Lopez gave the ultimate gift of love when she donated one of her kidneys to her husband, George Lopez, I'm sure she thought their marriage would last forever. It didn't.

Here is information about how the two met, their wedding date, separation, and more.

Fast Marriage Facts - George and Ann:
Met: May 1990.
Married: September 18, 1993.
First Marriage: Yes.
Separated: September 2010.
Filed for Divorce: November 2010.
Divorced: July 2011.

Did You Know?
When Ann and George announced their separation, they mentioned they had been working out details of the split 'for a long time.'".


George C. Lopez: April 23, 1961 in Mission Hills, California.

Ana Serrano: Hartford, Connecticut. Her parents, both medical doctors, came to the U.S. from Cuba with nothing but family pictures and their wedding rings.

How George and Ann Met:

Some websites report that George and Ann met at the 1990 premier of Ski Patrol. However, George wrote in his autobiography that he and Ann met in May 1990 at The Ice House.
George: "It was a couple of months later, May to be exact, that I met a rather interesting woman, Ann Serrano, at The Ice House. No major fireworks at first just some interesting, humanitarian conversation about the lack of Latinos on TV and the big screen -- a conversation we continued when she asked me to close a comedy-night fundraiser she was doing for the Latino Theatre lab."
Source: George Lopez. Why You Crying? pgs. 78-79.

Marriage Proposal:

Ann proposed. "I said, Are we going to get married? He was like, Okay. I had to get my own ring. It was so unromantic. I have had to teach him that It's okay to be loved and to give love."
Source: People Weekly. Oct 21, 2002. v58 i17 p129+.

Wedding Information:

George and Ann were married on September 18, 1993 at the San Fernando Mission in San Fernando, California.
Source: Variety


One daughter, Mayan, born c. 1996.


George: Comedian, talk show host, actor, writer, producer. Star of "The George Lopez Show" on television that had universal family themes. George worked at an airplane parts plant from 1981-1983.

Ann: writer, actress, independent film producer.


George and Ann lived in a Tudor home with four bedrooms in Toluca Lake, California.


Roman Catholic.

Community Involvement:

George and Ann devote a great deal of time to their community through "The George & Ann Lopez-Richie Alarcón CARE Foundation" which they founded in 2001 with Senator Alarcón in memory of Alarcón's young son Richie who died in 1987 in a traffic accident.

George has received the 2004 Artist of the Year and Humanitarian Award by Harvard University and the 2004 "Spirit of Liberty Award" presented by People for the American Way.

A Valentine Gift From Ann:

Ann used the old high school baseball letter than George had tucked away in a drawer and had it sewn on an exact replica of the varsity jacket that his grandmother refused to buy for him.
George: "And before the jacket was even on I broke down. Bawling my eyes out right there on Stage 4, overwhelmed by an act so thoughtful and kind, symbolic of a healthy family relationship -- wife, husband, and child --- I'd never known except on TV."
Source: George Lopez. Why You Crying? pg. 191

Kidney Transplant Information:

The news that George received a kidney transplant on April 19, 2005, was a surprise to many people. George had given no indication that he was ill. He checked into the hospital under the name of Tom Ace. Three weeks after the surgery George was back on the golf course.

Ann had to go through a battery of tests before being approved as a donor.

George may have needed the transplant due to a genetic condition, possibly polycystic kidney disease, which caused his own kidney to deteriorate.

May 12, 2005: Three weeks after his surgery, George Lopez played golf.

April 26, 2005: Both George and Ann rested comfortably at home after his kidney transplant. Last week Ann donated one of her kidneys to George. Doctors said that George would receive anti-rejection drugs.


George had a difficult childhood full of harshness and deprivation. His father left the family when George was two months old. George's mother moved to Sacramento when she remarried and left George with his tough, non-nonsense, emotionally distant, maternal grandmother, Benne Gutierrez and step-grandfather, Refugil Gutierrez, when George was ten years old. About this time, George learned that his father was not dead as he had previously been told.

As a child, George's birthday was never celebrated.

His relationship with his mother, who lives alone in Sacramento, continues to be strained. He sees his grandmother occasionally and thanks her for his will to live and to not give up. His grandfather died in 1988.

George has not found his father who he believes is living in Mexico.

George and Ann credit couples therapy with helping George to be more honest about his past.

George's favorite music for romance is Earth, Wind & Fire. "That has always been successful for me."
Source: People Weekly. Sept 6, 2004. v62 i10 pg. 26.

George's good luck charm is a small leather key ring that was once owned by Freddie Prinze, the 1970s Latino comic.

Marriage Quotes About and By George and Ann Lopez:

In a "Primetime Live" interview, George said to Ann that he was devoted to her and that he would never make her unhappy again.

In the same interview, Ann told "Primetime" about her decision to give George one of her kidneys: "There was no question. When you are put in that position where you could possibly lose someone you love, it's a very easy decision."

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