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Pam Shriver and George Lazenby Marriage Profile


The May-December marriage of Pam Shriver and George Lazenby ended in a bitter divorce. Here is information about how they met, their children, and more.


George Robert Lazenby: September 5, 1939 in Queanbeyan, New South Wales, Australia.

Pamela Howard Shriver: July 4, 1962 in Baltimore, Maryland.

How George and Pam Met:

How George and Pam Met Pam and George met at a tennis tournament. Some reports state they met in Australia while others state they met at Wimbledon.

"Shriver and Lazenby met at Wimbledon two years ago when they were introduced by a mutual friend over a cup of tea in the competitors' restaurant at the All England Club."
Source: "Hewitt, Lleyton Hewitt." SportsIllustrated.cnn.com. 7/04/2002.

The couple announced their engagement in late 2001.

Wedding Date:

George and Pam were married on June 12, 2002 in Los Angeles, California. They honeymooned at Wimbledon.


George has six children.
  • Jennifer Lazenby: Born abt. 1962. Jennifer owns a dance studio.
  • Melanie Andrea Lazenby: Born in 1973. Her mother is Christina Gannett. Melanie is a real estate agent.
  • Zachary Lazenby: Born abt. 1974. Zachary did in 1994 of brain cancer at the age of 20. His mother is Christina Gannett.
  • George Samuel Lazenby: Born in 2004. His mother is Pam Shriver.
  • Caitlin Elizabeth Lazenby: Born in 2005. Her mother is Pam Shriver.
  • Samuel Robert Lazenby: Born in 2005. His mother is Pam Shriver.


George Lazenby: Actor, writer, model, real estate investor, and producer. George portrayed a married James Bond in 1969.

Pam Shriver: Tennis analyst, commentator, sports broadcaster, tennis professional, and 1988 Olympic gold medalist.

Shriver-Lazenby Divorce:

After Pam filed for divorce in August 2008, citing "irreconcilable differences", the divorce and custody battle became bitter. Pam described George's alleged abusive behavior and alcoholism as placing their children at risk.

After George agreed to random alcohol testing and to attend anger management sessions and parenting classes, a judge ruled in October 2008 that George was not a threat to their children.
Source: "George Lazenby allowed to see his children ..." DailyMail.co.uk. 10/16/2008.

Quotes About the Marriage of George Lazenby and Pam Shriver :

Pam Shriver: "Here I am engaged to an Australian, somebody obviously very special in my life and I feel blessed. I have had lots of turns in my personal life recently and to fall back on my feet with an Australian feels really, really good."
Source: "Shriver to marry former 007." BBC.co.uk. 1/17/2002.

Pam Shriver: "Now that I'm married, I'm more and more appreciative of my free time. I've been married before -- I lost my husband three years ago -- but you have to be considered as a unit ... It's a partnership. My speech at the induction is going to be about partnerships in life, an obvious topic with my success in doubles and just getting married. Partnerships are so important in one's life. I've been so blessed in that. And not just because Martina Navratilova and I won 20 doubles titles. It goes way beyond that."
Source: Pam Shriver. "Shriver: My life's been blessed with good partners." ESPN.com. 7/11/2002.

Nick Greenslade: "One afternoon at Wimbledon in 2000 Shriver, whose first husband Joe Shapiro had died a year earlier from non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, was introduced to Lazenby. At 60, he was 23 years older than her. Shriver had heard of him but was, she says, unfamiliar with his most famous role. 'I had seen On Her Majesty's Secret Service but not really watched it, if you see what I mean. Even now, I don't think I have watched it all the way through. It's not a taboo subject with George but it's all a long time ago for him.' She and Lazenby began to see more of each other in California, where he also had a home."
Source: Nick Greenslade. "Pam Shriver." Guardian.co.uk. 3/5/2006.

Previous Marriages:

George was previously married to Gannett publishing heiress and model Christina Gannett. They met in London and were married in 1971. Their marriage ended in divorce in 1994. Christina's second marriage is to Fred Matser, a Dutch philanthropist and author.

Pam was previously married to Joe Shapiro, an attorney for the Walt Disney Company. Their marriage lasted from December 5, 1998 through September 23, 1999 when Joe died.

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