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Jack Tweed and Jade Goody Marriage Profile


Photo: Stuart Wilson / Getty Images

Jade Goody and Jack Tweed in Waltham Abbey, Essex, England on February 21, 2009.

Photo: Stuart Wilson / Getty Images
They had a short and turbulent relationship prior to their wedding and Jade Goody and Jack Tweed had a short marriage due to her diagnosis of terminal cancer. Here is information on how Jade and Jack met, their wedding, and more.


Jade Cerisa Lorraine Goody: June 5, 1981 in London, England.

Jack Andrew Tweed: July 7, 1987.


Jade: March 22, 2009 at age 27 of cervical cancer. Jade died in her sleep at her home in Upshire, Essex. Her funeral was held on April 4, 2009, at St. John the Baptist Church in Buckhurst Hill, Essex.

How Jack and Jade Met:

According to her autobiography, Jade and Jack first met in a nightclub in 2005.

Wedding Date and Info:

Jade, 27, and Tweed, 21, were married in eastern England's Hatfield Heath on the Hertfordshire-Essex border, at the 18th-century Down Hall Country House Hotel on February 22, 2009. Her 70-year old grandfather, John Caddock, was there to give her away during the 45-minute wedding ceremony.
Wedding Pictures

In order to pay for the education of her sons, the wedding was autioned off to the highest media bidder.

Jade's ivory and cream silk wedding dress was created by Manuel Mota for Pronovias.

"The wedding dress, which media reports say includes a pouch to hold Goody's medication, has been donated by Harrods owner Mohamed al Fayed. Goody's bridesmaids were seen with the TV star Saturday, wearing plastic bald caps in a show of solidarity at the impact of her chemotherapy treatment."
Source: "Terminally-ill reality TV star Jade Goody marries." Cnn.com. 2/22/2009.

Their approximately 150 guests "mingled inside a marquee with the laughter of family and friends as they enjoyed a reception feast of jellied eels, mussels and lobster tagliatelle before gathering outside to watch a fireworks display in the heavens."
Source: "Jade Goody's Wedding" Lovetriper.com. 2/22/2009.


Jade has two sons.
  • Bobby Jack Brazier: Born in 2003. His father is Jeff Brazier.
  • Freddie Brazier: Born in 2004. His father is Jeff Brazier.
  • Miscarriage: In 2007.

Health Issues:

Jade is dying of cervical cancer. She was diagnosed with cancer in August 2008. After a radical hysterectomy, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy, it was revealed in February 2009 that Jade's cancer had spread to her liver, bowel, and groin.


Jade: Reality television star, entrepreneur.

Jack: Model, reality television star. After assaulting a teenager with a golf club, Jack Tweed is on probation.

"Although Tweed is under curfew, he was given special dispensation by Britain's Justice Ministry allowing him to spend Sunday evening with his bride."
Source: Raphael G. Satter. "Dying TV star Jade Goody's marriage grips Britain." News.yahoo.com. 2/22/2009.

Quotes About the Marriage of Jade and Jack:

Jack about their wedding: "It's weird, but it's like a film, I'm happy, but then I'm sad, obviously ... I've got things to say, like how proud I am of her and what she's achieved and everything, and obviously how beautiful she looks."
Source: "Tweed speaks out over sick Goody." BBC.co.uk. 2/19/2009.

Max Clifford: “This is their one night together. It might be their only night together. They’ll be spending the night together here, compliments of Jack Straw. We’re very grateful to him for that. “I know that both Jade and Jack are thrilled that they can spend the one night together. Then probably she’ll go home at some point tomorrow.”
Source: "Jade Goody wedding takes place amid media blackout." Timesonline.co.uk. 2/22/2009.

"Jade Goody once said that she dreamt of “a timeless wedding that I can look back on in 80 years' time”.
Source: Carol Midgley, Lucy Bannerman. "Jade Good's poignant celebrity wedding." Timesonline.co.uk. 2/21/2009.

Jade: "I don't really know how it happened, but Jack somehow managed to win me back round. And since then, thank goodness, he's never scared me in that way again."
Source: Jade Goody. Jade: Catch a Falliing Star. 2008. pg. 182.

Jade before her reconciliation with Jack: "There were just too many reasons to make a clean break. I’m 26 and Jack is only 20, so there’s a big age gap. Some days, I felt more like his mum than his lover. He’d become very needy and suddenly, I knew there was no going back. I just don’t need him in my life ... I’ll never date a toy boy again ..."
Source: Sarah Nathan. "Jade Goody has finally found a 'decent man' after ditching Jack Tweed for good." TheSun.co.uk. 5/20/2008.

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