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Olatz Lopez Garmendia and Julian Schnabel Marriage Profile


Photo: Carlos Alvarez / Getty Images

Julian Schnabel and Olatz Lopez Garmendia at Kursaal Palace in San Sebastian, Spain on September 23, 2007.

Photo: Carlos Alvarez / Getty Images
Julian's parents gave him a model of a long lasting marriage that was reflected in Esta Schnabel's obituary when her family described her as "Beloved wife and sweetheart of Jack."

In 2001, Town and Country described Olatz and Julian as living large and thinking big. It appears the high profile marriage of Olatz and Julian Schnabel is still going strong.

Here is information about the marriage of Olatz Lopez Garmendia and Julian Schnabel.


Julian Schnabel: October 26, 1951 in Brooklyn, New York.

Olatz Lopez Garmendia: San Sebastian, Spain.

How Olatz and Julian Met:

Julian and Olatz first met in 1986.

"He [Julian] and Olatz were first introduced in a restaurant in Paris in 1986. Schnabel was married at the time, and it would be some years before they eventually got together, after Schnabel had wooed her by executing a series of paintings prominently featuring her name. 'And a friend of hers told her, do you know Julian Schnabel, he has a show in New York and your name is on all these paintings? She said, really?...'"
Source: "Julian Schnabel: Larging it", Telegraph.co.uk, 1/19/08.

Wedding Date:

We cannot verify the wedding date of Julian and Olatz.


Julian has five children.
  • Lola Montes Schnabel: Born abt. 1981. An actress, photographer, painter, and filmmaker, her mother is Jacqueline Beaurang.
  • Stella Madrid Schnabel: Born abt. 1983. An actress and a poet, her mother is Jacqueline Beaurang.
  • Vito Maria Schnabel: Born abt. 1986. An actor and an art dealer, his mother is Jacqueline Beaurang.
  • Cy Juan Schnabel: Born abt. 1993. His mother is Olatz Lopez Garmendia.
  • Olmo Luis Schnabel: Born abt. 1993. His mother is Olatz Lopez Garmendia.


Julian and Olatz live in a sumptuous controversial pink building, Palazzo Chupi, in New York City. They have a summer home in Montauk, Long Island and a home in San Sebastian, Spain.

"Named Palazzo Chupi after Mr. Schnabel’s pet name for his wife, the actress Olatz López Garmendia (the endearment is an abbreviation of Chupa Chups, the trendy Spanish lollipops), the stepped, neo-Mediterranean development planted on the top of an old stable will never win any architectural prizes."
Source: Penelope Green. "The Painter and the Pink Palazzo." NYTimes.com. 11/12/08.

"Everything about it resounds with grandeur, from its vast, palatial expanses-the building was originally a perfume factory, and every room is immense-to the Schnabels' imposing collection of paintings, sculpture and objects representing cultures both exotic and familiar. As you pass through the house, its opulence, colors and furnishings seem to call at every step with a magnetic and irresistible power."

"The house is a perfect reflection of its worldly occupants. Julian, the painter, sculptor and filmmaker, is a man of voracious appetites who likes to buy art and objects wherever he works and travels -- especially in Mexico, Spain, Italy, England and France. His wife, Olatz, has also led a life of perpetual movement. "I could be happy living out of a suitcase," she freely admits."
Source: Daniela Morea, "Life's a stage", Town and Country, October 2001, Vol. 155, Iss. 5257; pg. 158, 10 pgs.


Julian: Writer, director, producer, musician, furniture designer, sculptor, artist, actor.

Olatz: Actress, producer, model, textile and pajama designer, store owner.

Previous Marriage:

Julian was previously married.
  • Jacqueline Beaurang: Julian and Jacqueline met at the Leo Castelli Gallery in April 1980. They were married in July 1980. Jacqueline is a fashion designer. Their marriage ended in divorce.
  • Julian about Jacqueline: "This was the beginning of my new life. She took away my self-pity, I started to work more. I painted twice as many paintings."
    Source: ArtFact.com

Quotes About the Marriage of Julian and Olatz Schnabel:

Julian about working with Olatz: "But Olatz is my star-and not only in the film. She is my real star. She helped me so much in different aspects of making the film. Her knowledge of Cuban Spanish was especially of great help; she controlled every cadence, every inflection."
Source: Daniela Morea, "Life's a stage", Town and Country, October 2001, Vol. 155, Iss. 5257; pg. 158, 10 pgs.

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