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Kate Winslet and Sam Mendes Marriage Profile


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Kate Winslet and Sam Mendes at the 77th Academy Awards Governors Ball.

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The wedding of Kate Winslet and Sam Mendes was quick and secret. The end of their supposedly successful marriage was quick and surprising too. Here is more information about their marriage and about Kate's previous marriage to James Threapleton.

News Updates:

3/15/2010: Kate Winslet and her husband Sam Mendes announced they separated in early 2010.


Kate Elizabeth Winslet: October 5, 1975 in Reading, Berkshire, England.

Samuel Alexander Mendes: August 1, 1965 in Reading, Berkshire, England.

Kate and Sam were born in the same hospital.

How Kate and Sam Met:

Sam and Kate met in August 2001 when they got together to discuss a theatre project.

Wedding Date:

Sam and Kate were married on May 24, 2003 at Barnes Bay in Anguilla in the West Indies. Their wedding was kept a secret and only had three guests and Mia in attendance.


Kate has two children.
  • Mia Honey Threapleton: Born in 2000. Her father is James Threapleton.
  • Joe Alfie Winslet Mendes: Born in 2003 in New York. His father is Sam Mendes.


Kate: Actress.

Sam: Director and producer.

Other Marriages:

Kate had one previous marriage and one later marriage.
  • Previous -- James Threapleton: James was born in 1974 in England. James has worked as an actor, writer, and director. James and Kate met in the late 1990s on the set of Hideous Kinky.
  • They were married on November 22, 1998 in Reading, England at All Saints Anglican Church. The officiant at their wedding was Reverend Henry Everett who had also baptized Kate. Kate's white wedding dress was designed by Alexander McQueen. The church was decorated with white and yellow roses.

    Their wedding reception at the Crooked Billet in Stoke Row was host to 200 guests, including Emma Thompson and Greg Wise. The wedding guests all enjoyed bangers and mash.

    Kate and James spent their honeymoon on the West Coast of Scotland. James and Kate separated in September 2001 and later divorced on December 13, 2001.

  • Later -- Ned Rocknroll aka Ned Abel Smith: Kate and Ned met after she saved his 90-year-old grandmother from a house fire on a Caribbean island in August 2011. They were engaged in the summer of 2012 and married in a secret wedding in New York in early December 2012. Ned was previously married to heiress Eliza Pearson from 2009-2011.


Sam and Kate have homes in New York City, New York and in Cotswolds, England. Their 8-bedroom country manor in the Cotswolds has 20 acres and underwent extensive remodeling before they moved in.

Quotes About the Marriage of Kate and Sam:

Keith Schilling: ""Kate and Sam are saddened to announce that they separated earlier this year. The split is entirely amicable and is by mutual agreement. Both parties are fully committed to the future joint parenting of their children."
Source: Xan Brooks. "Kate Winslet and Sam Mendes separate after seven years of marriage." Guardian.co.uk. 3/15/2010.

Kate on humor in marriage: "Being married you have to have a good sense of humor! It's a very important part of my life, and my marriage."
Source: Moviehole.net

Kate about Sam: "My husband is so brilliant, and he is an excellent dad. He is quite domesticated; I've got him trained. [Snaps her fingers, then laughs.] Those things around the house come more naturally to a woman than a man. I think these days it’s rather hard to be a man. I think a lot is expected of men today. They are expected to bring home the money, they are supposed to take care of everyone, and be hands-on involved with the family. There is a lot more pressure put on them these days, instead of just going to work. They have to step up to the plate. Just like women, men must multi-task, and it’s tough for the guys."
Source: Moviehole.net

Kate after their wedding in 2003: "We're very happy, unbelievably happy. It's one of those unexplainable things that we're together."
Source: HelloMagazine.com

Kate about her spur-of-the-moment wedding to Sam: "We hadn't been planning to do it but we thought it was rather a good idea, so we just did it."
Source: TV.com

Kate about love: "Real true love is like that, where it just creeps up on you when you’re not expecting it ... Love is a wonderful, complex, exciting and yet, a sometimes terrible thing. It will take you places that you didn’t know you could go inside yourself, and sometimes you get the gold, and sometimes you don’t. In love, ANYTHING is possible. Absolutely anything."
Source: Moviehole.net

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