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George Englund and Cloris Leachman Marriage Profile


Although the marriage of George Englund and Cloris Leachman lasted for over 25 years, their marriage was an on-and-off-again relationship. After their divorce, Cloris and George remained friends.

Here is more information about their marriage relationship.


Cloris Leachman: Born April 30, 1926 in Des Moines, Iowa.

George H. Englund: June 22, 1926 in Washington, D.C.

Wedding Date:

After meeting in 1952 in New York City, George and Cloris married on April 19, 1953.


George and Cloris raised five children and have several grandchildren.
  • Adam Englund: Born abt. 1954. Lawyer, actor.
  • Bryan Englund: Born abt. 1956. Actor. Died at age 30 in 1986 in New York, New York.
  • George H. Englund Jr: Born abt. 1957. Producer, actor, composer, and producer.
  • Morgan Englund: Born abt. 1964. Actor, singer.
  • Dinah Englund: Born abt. 1967. Actress, singer, songwriter.


Cloris: Award winning actress, singer. Scheduled to dance with Corky Ballas on Dancing with the Stars.

George: Director, actor, writer, and producer.

George and Cloris' Divorce:

George and Cloris were divorced in 1979 after George sued Cloris for divorce in January 1978.

Marilyn Beck: "Actually, when Cloris discusses Englund, she sounds more like a widow eulogizing a clearly-loved, perfect mate than a person who's endured a turbulent, on-and-off-again marital relationship for 23 years ... George had the habit of emptying out his closets -- and taking off for the great unknown. When he'd return for a visit, there was no telling how long he'd stay: an hour; a week; or forever.
Source: Marilyn Beck, "Cloris", Albuquerque Tribune, 2/5/1976, page 17.

Cloris: "George and I may get a divorce, not from each other, but from our marriage ... Our marriage is in such tatters that we think maybe we should get a divorce from it and get married again. Or perhaps we should get a divorce and adopt each other. Basically, though, our relationship is in good shape. Please say that George is a knockout guy."
Source: "Leads unconventional life", News Tribune, 1/09/1977, page 15.

Cloris about George: "We're each other's heart."
Source: Erik Meers, Paula Yoo, "On The Upswing: Overcoming a family tragedy, Cloris Leachman gets giddy in a quirky summer sitcom." People Weekly, 8/9/1999, page 131+.

George: "To me, we had five kids. That's a huge piece of the continent of your life. The divorce was the end of the social aspect of it, but not the feeling and regard and care I have for her."
Source: Brett Johnson, "Oscar winner looks back at her storied career this weekend in Ojai", VenturaCountyStar.com, 3/27/2008.

Other Marriages:

George married Bonnie Graves on April 10, 1980. George and Bonnie's son Max died at the age of 11 on February 18, 1994 from spinal muscular atrophy.

Quotes About the Marriage of George Englund and Cloris Leachman :

George on Cloris as a longtime friend: "You walk so much of the continent of life with somebody, you've got to look after them after that and I have a great regard for her abilities."
Source: Julie Phillips, "'Crash to Earth' spawns legendary picture", OnlineAthens.com, 3/15/2008.

Cloris about being a wife: "A wife is someone "Who should be free to have her own interests and friends of both sexes -- and who understands why her husband has need for such freedom, too."
Source: Marilyn Beck, "Cloris", Albuquerque Tribune, 2/5/1976, page 17.

Cloris about George: "You must realize that my husband is a very unique person. he thinks big. He is the most attractive man I've ever known, loving, caring, extremely funny -- and so ahead of his time in certain areas that it's taken a long time for me to catch up to him."
Source: Marilyn Beck, "Cloris", Albuquerque Tribune, 2/5/1976, page 17.

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