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Dorothy Squires and Roger Moore Marriage Profile


Roger Moore's second marriage was to singer Dorothy Squires. Here is information on how Roger and Dorothy met, their wedding, and more.


Roger George Moore: October 14, 1927 in Stockwell, London, England.

Dorothy Squires aka Edna May Squires: March 25, 1915 in Pontyberem, Carmarthenshire, Wales.


Dorothy Squires: April 14, 1998 from lung cancer in Llwynypia, Wales.

"At her [Dorothy's] funeral, a bouquet of purple tulips, lilies of the valley and orange flowers arrived with a card with the words: "I've said it with flowers. Roger." Source: Michael Thornton. "Why did 'saint' Roger Moore break so many hearts?" DailyMail.co.uk. 10/12/07.
The Language and Meaning of Flowers

How Dorothy and Roger Met:

Roger met Dorothy at a party at her large home, the Bexley mansion.

Wedding Date:

Roger and Dorothy were married on July 6, 1953. Dorothy was 13 years older than Roger.

Roger: "Our marriage was in 1953 in Jersey City before a druken Justice of the Peace. Dorothy had bought her wedding shoes in the bargain basement at Gimball's and they hurt her feet ... The best man was Joe Latona ... There was no honeymoon ..."
Source: Roger Moore. "Roger Moore from 1972 - page 8." Roger-Moore.com.

Divorce Date:

"Rows between the couple were frequent and often public, and in 1959, the first serious rift appeared in the marriage when Moore became infatuated with Dorothy Provine, his blonde co-star in the television series, The Alaskans."
Source: Michael Thornton. "Why did 'saint' Roger Moore break so many hearts?" DailyMail.co.uk. 10/12/2007.

Later, Roger did not want to tell Dorothy about his affair with Luisa Mattioli and asked that their doctor give her the news. Seven years later, the Moore-Squires marriage ended in divorce in 1968.


Roger has three children by his third wife, Luisa Mattioli.
  • Deborah Maria Luisa Moore: Born in 1963 in London, England. Deborah had minor acting roles in two James Bond movies.
  • Geoffrey Robert Moore: Born in 1966. Geoffrey has worked as an actor and producer and owns a restaurant in London.
  • Christian Moore: Born in 1973. Christian has worked as a producer.


Sir Roger Moore: Actor, producer, writer, model, and director. Roger Moore portrayed James Bond from 1973-1985. Roger also was a goodwill ambassador for UNICEF. He received his knighthood in June 2003.

Dorothy Squires: Popular singer.

Quotes About the Marriage of Dorothy Squires and Roger Moore:

Roger: "I met Dorothy during a party at her home ... I was naturally flattered when Dorothy showed interest in me. But neither of us made all the running. It was entirely mutual; it developed swiftly and we had been together about a year before my divorce came through and we were able to marry in America."
Source: Roger Moore. "Roger Moore from 1972 - page 7." Roger-Moore.com.

"Her [Dorothy's] obsession with litigation was to ruin her utterly. She lost 30 of the 33 law cases she launched. She was made bankrupt in 1986. A year later, she was declared a vexatious litigant and barred from launching further legal actions, and in 1988, she was evicted by bailiffs from her 17-room Thamesside-mansion at Bray, and her possessions were sold at public auction. For the last ten years of her life, Squires was an obsessive, paranoid recluse, homeless, often penniless, and living on the charity of friends."
Source: Michael Thornton. "Why did 'saint' Roger Moore break so many hearts?" DailyMail.co.uk. 10/12/2007.

Roger Moore's Other Marriages:

First Marriage -- Doorn Van Steyn

Third Marriage -- Luisa Mattioli

Fourth Marriage -- Kristina Tholstrup

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