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Peter and Loraine Boyle Marriage Profile


The 29-year marriage of Peter and Loraine Boyle ended on December 12, 2006 when Peter died. Here's information about how they met, where they were married, their children, and more.


Peter Boyle Jr: October 18, 1935 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Loraine Alterman: abt. 1942.


Peter: December 12, 2006 at the age of 71. Peter had been battling multiple myeloma and heart disease. He died at New York Presbyterian Hospital.

How Loraine and Peter Met:

Peter and Loraine first met in 1974 on the movie set when Peter was in make-up for his role in Young Frankenstein. Loraine was interviewing Peter for an article in Rolling Stone.

Peter asked Loraine for a date during the interview.

Wedding Date:

Peter was 42 and Loraine was 35 when they married.

Peter and Loraine were married in October 1977 in a small ceremony held at the United Nations chapel in Manhattan. John Lennon was best man at their wedding.
Source for wedding date: Time.com


Peter and Loraine have two daughters:

  • Lucy Boyle: Lucy was born in December 1980. Lucy is an actress and playwright.

  • Amy Boyle: Amy was born in 1983.

Previous Marriages:

Loraine was previously married before marrying Peter.


Peter: Actor. Peter was a monk in the Christian Brothers order prior to becoming an actor.

Loraine: Reporter, writer, and rock journalist for Rolling Stone Magazine.


New York City.


Peter: Roman Catholic.


Peter: "When I was younger, I didn't love myself, and that's still a basic issue, for me and everybody. My wife and daughters help me. It's terrific. Forgiving. Loving. Doing. Feeling. Hoping. Making a mistake and going back and saying I'm sorry."
Source: Esquire.com from an interview with Scott Raab, October 2002

[Loraine about Peter, 1999: "Peter is very intellectual. He can talk about anything from philosophy to politics to history."
Source: People.com

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