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Sandra Bullock and Jesse James Marriage Profile


Photo: Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images

Jesse James and Sandra Bullock at the 2010 Vanity Fair Oscar Party in West Hollywood, California on March 7, 2010. The Oscar she is holding was won by Sandra for Best Actress.

Photo: Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images
After knowing one another for a couple years, Sandra Bullock and Jesse James tied the knot. Here's information on how Jesse and Sandra met, their wedding, divorce, and more.
Fast Marriage Facts - Jesse and Sandra
Met: 2003.
Married: July 16, 2005.
Divorce: 2010.
First Marriage: No.

Did You Know?
Their wedding guests thought they were attending a birthday party.


Sandra Annette Bullock: July 26, 1964 in Arlington, Virginia.

Jesse Gregory James: Lynwood, California in 1969. His great-great grandfather was a cousin of the outlaw Jesse James.

How Sandra and Jesse Met:

Sandra and Jesse met in Long Beach, California in December 2003 on the set of "Monster Garage" when she took her 10-year-old godson on a tour of the set.

Ages at Wedding:

Sandra, 40; Jesse, 35.

Wedding Date and Info:

Arriving in a red monster truck, Sandra Bullock and Jesse James were married on July 16, 2005, in a sunset ceremony under a white circus-style tent at the Folded Hills Ranch in the town of Gaviota in the Santa Ynez valley wine country north of Santa Barbara, California.

The music that played as Sandra walked down the aisle was a taped aria of her late mother singing Bellini's "Casta Diva."

Sandra's white lace wedding dress and veil were designed by Angel Sanchez. Her wedding ring is vintage French from jeweler Neil Lane. The platinum ring has two large intertwining diamonds. Jesse's wedding ring was made out of stainless steel by Sandra.

Country music was played at the wedding reception. The DJ was Tony Okungbowa. Guests also danced to the music of Cousin Lovers. Gesine Prado, Sandra's sister, provided the wedding cake.

The several hundred wedding guests were asked to wear casual attire and included William Shatner, James Hetfield, Jamie Lee Curtis, Constance Marie, Christopher Guest, Jason Biggs, Dolph Lundgren, and Regina King. Many guests thought they were attending a party to celebrate Sandra's upcoming 41st birthday. The guests arrived at the ranch in a fleet of buses.

Divorce News:

3/18/2010: Jesse James issued an apology concerning allegations that he had an affair with tattoo model Michelle "Bombshell" McGee.

3/31/2010: According to People.com, Jesse James is in a "treatment facility to deal with personal issues."

4/28/2010: Saying she's sad and scared, Sandra Bullock confirms she "filed legal papers seeking to end her marriage." She also revealed that in January she adopted a newborn baby, Louis Bardo Bullock, and that she will raise Louis on her own.
Source: "Sandra Bullock Has Filed for Divorce." People.com. 4/28/2010.

6/28/2010: The Bullock/James divorce was finalized in Texas citing "discord or conflict of personalities."


Sandra: Actress, producer, writer, director, and a philanthropist. She owns Fortis Films which is located in West Hollywood, California.

Jesse: Previously a professional bodyguard, Jesse owns West Coast Choppers and is the star and host of Discovery Channel's "Monster Garage." Through the Universal Life Church he became an ordained minister so he could perform the marriage ceremony on one of the "Monster Garage" episodes. He is also a community benefactor and philanthropist.


Sandra enjoys bubble baths and dark chocolate peanut butter ice cream.

Jessie likes guns, choppers, and cars he can fix up. He also enjoys being an artist and customizing motorcycles.

Other Marriages and Relationships:

Sandra dated blues guitarist Guy Forsythe in 1999, actor Matthew McConaughey, and actor Ryan Gosling. She was engaged to actor Tate Donovan in 1994.

Jesse had two previous marriages and one later marriage.

  • Karla (aka Carla) James: Their marriage ended in divorce.
  • Janine Marie Lindemulder: She was born on November 14, 1968 in La Mirada, California. Jesse and Janine were married on October 20, 2002. They divorced in 2004. Janine worked in adult films as an actress. She served a six-month sentence for tax evasion.
  • Alexis DeJoria: After knowing one another for seven months, and a one month engagement, Jesse James married Alexis DeJoria at her father's Malibu home on March 24, 2013.

Jesse was also engaged to Kat Von D. in 2011.


Sandra and Jesse adopted a baby in January 2010, Louis Bardo Bullock.

Jessie has three children.

  • Jesse James, Jr: Born abt. 1999. His mother is Karla James.
  • Chandler James: Born abt. 1997. Her mother is Karla James.
  • Sunny James: Born abt. 2004. Her mother is Janine Lindemulder.


Sandra purchased and fixed up homes in New York, California, Georgia, and Wyoming. Her $7.5 million dollar dream home was built on a lake near Austin, Texas was deemed unsafe to live in.
"Bullock spent years designing the lakeside mansion in Austin, complete with towers and spires, a spa, library and cinema. But two nights after moving in she moved out again, claiming that the house was a potential deathtrap with a leaking roof, toxic mould, unsafe fireplaces, faulty wiring and crumbling walls."
Source: John Harlow. Sandra Bullock to flatten her house of horrors." TimesOnline.co.uk. 2/5/2006.


Sandra has several dogs. Jessie is said to have kept both sharks and pit bulls as pets.

Quotes About the Marriage of Sandra Bullock and Jesse James:

Jesse: "I took a pretty amazing life and marriage ... and threw it away."
Source: Marla Lehner. "Jesse James: I Threw Away an Amazing Marriage." People.com. 5/21/2010.

Jesse about their divorce: "The decision to let my wife end our marriage, and continue the adoption of Louis on her own, has been the hardest ... Sandy is the love of my life, but considering the pain and devastation I have caused her, it would be selfish to not let her go ... I ask that you please do not judge Sandy for the things I have done. She has done no wrong. She played no part in any of this. She has been an amazing wife, mother, and best friend, for the over 6 years we have been together."
Source: "His Own Words: Jesse James Reacts to Divorce Filing." People.com. 4/28/2010.

Marcia Reynolds: "... he [Jesse] is a strong, successful, independent man who is okay being with a strong, successful, independent woman. There is emotional stability in this relationship based on mutual respect. Shouldn't this be the new model of a healthy relationship?"
Source: Marcia Reynolds. "Sandra Bullock and Jesse james: A Model of the New Relationship." HuffingtonPost.com. 3/11/2010.

Jesse: "It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to support my wife and her work. She does it all the time for me. She goes to Mexico, to the desert, to the hospital -- a lot -- to support me and my work. The least I can do is put on a suit and support her ... "She's beautiful. She's amazing. She takes my breath away," James said. "Sometimes I look at her and I do, I just lose my breath."
Source: Alexis Chiu, Aaron Parsley. "Jesse James: Sandra bullock 'Takes My Breath Away.'" People.com. 3/09/2010.

Betty White about Jesse's tattoos: "Finally somebody asked Sandra, 'Do the tattoos ever bother you?' She said, 'No, no. At night when I can't sleep, I just roll over and read him.'"
Source: Nicholas White. "Betty White and Jesse James Have Flirt-Fest on Set." People.com. 6/04/09.

Sandra: "It was so hard for me to allow someone to take care of me. It's not because I can't take care of myself. But Jesse was like, 'Just let me do this.'"
Source: Brian Orloff. "Sandra Bullock: I'm Learning to Let My Husband Take Care of Me." People.com. 5/08/2009.

Sandra: "Thankfully I married someone who loves me just the way I am –- and all the nuttiness that goes into me. My greatest joy is making our home what it's supposed to be. Being a good wife, a good stepmom, a good current wife to the ex-wife. We're a family."
Source: Brian Orloff. "Sandra Bullock Calls Being a Wife & Stepmom Her Greatest Joy." People.com. 2/10/2009.

Sandra on marriage: "I've always been very skeptical about marriage, because I only want to do it once; I want to do it the right way."
Source: Imdb.com

Sandra about her most memorable fashion moment: "My wedding dress. It was beautifully handcrafted, with elegant French lace. Angel Sanchez designed it, and every time I'd try it on, he'd say, "Sandra, please [lose] five pounds!" I apologize, Angel. I didn't give him those five pounds, but guess what? That round, shiny, happy person was me."
Source: "You Asked, Sandra Answered." InStyle.com.

Sandra on children: "If I did [have kids], my entire life would shift. I would no longer [act] or be in magazines."
Source: "People Magazine", April 4, 2005 Vol. 63 No. 13, Page: 82.

Sandra on expectations: "People have their lists of what they want in their partner, and three-quarters of them are superficial. If life doesn't give you what you want, it'll present you with what you need and you don't realize it. That need is far greater and more profound than the little list thing."
Source: USA Today

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