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Aaron and Candy Spelling Marriage Profile


Photo: Kevin Winter / Getty Images

Aaron and Candy Spelling on March 13, 2005 in Santa Monica, California.

Photo: Kevin Winter / Getty Images
Aaron Spelling's 38-year marriage to Candy Marer lasted until his death. According to his autobiography, Aaron wrote Candy love poems and loved giving her gifts. Read about how they met, their marriage, children, quotes, and more.

News Updates:

July 2011: The Spelling Manor sold for $85 million to a British heiress, Petra Ecclestone. Candy moved to the Carlyle on Wilshire while waiting for her penthouse at The Century in Los Angeles to be finished.

3/27/09: Candy Spelling put The Manor on the market for $150 million. "I have wonderful memories here," Spelling sighs. "But I feel like it's a new chapter in my life –- and it's just me in this big house!"
Source: Lesley Messer. "Candy Spelling's Home on the Market for $150 Million." People.com. 3/27/2009.

7/22/08: Candy Spelling paid $47 million for the top two floors of a Century City high-rise, 17,000 square-foot condo building.


Aaron Spelling: April 22, 1923 in Dallas, Texas. Although other sources give different birth dates, Aaron's military enlistment shows 1923 as his birth year.

Carole "Candy" Gene Marer: September 20, 1945 in Los Angeles County.


Aaron: June 23, 2006 at the age of 83 at his home in Los Angeles, California. Candy was with him when Aaron died. He had suffered from a stroke on June 18, 2006.

How Aaron and Candy Met:

When Candy was 18, they met one another at "The Daisy Club", a Beverly Hills hangout on Rodeo Drive. Their first dance together was to "My Funny Valentine" and that song has been their "song" ever since.

Marriage Proposal:

Aaron had to propose marriage several times. Candy returned the first ring he gave her at the request of her parents.

He proposed again during a celebrity baseball game, but then he let the marriage license expire after a year.

Irritated, Candy moved to New York and worked as a model. A few weeks later, Aaron called her and apologized and proposed again. It was six weeks from the time she left for New York until their wedding day.

Ages at Wedding:

When they married Aaron was 42 years old and Candy was 23 years old.

Wedding Date:

November 23, 1968. Candy and Aaron were married in a small ceremony at her parent's home and danced to "My Funny Valentine" in memory of their first dance.


Aaron and Candy delayed their honeymoon due to Aaron's work schedule.


Aaron and Candy have two children.
  • Victoria "Tori" Davey Spelling: Actress. Born on May 16, 1973 in Los Angeles, California.
  • Randall "Randy" Gene Spelling: Actor. Born on October 9, 1978 in Los Angeles, California.

Previous Marriages:

Aaron was married to actress Carolyn Jones. Carolyn proposed to Aaron. They married on April 10, 1953, separated in October, 1963, and divorced after 13 years of marriage in 1964.

Carolyn did not ask for alimony. Carolyn died of colon cancer on August 3, 1983.


Aaron: After high school, on 10/20/1942, Aaron enlisted in the Army Air Corps. He entertained on a troop ship and wrote for Stars and Stripes. He was wounded by a sniper and received a Purple Heart and the Bronze Star. Aaron is an award winning television series producer, movie producer, actor, writer, and director.

Candy: Candy is a former model and interior decorator. At one time she sold her Fantasy Dolls on QVC. The profits went to Centro de Ninos, a free daycare for the poor.


Aaron and Candy built a home almost as big as a football field. Located on the former estate of Bing Crosby, the nearly six-acre French-Georgian limestone home in the Holmby Hills area of Bel Air was finished in 1991 at an approximate construction cost of $45 million.

The property has a wing for servants, a 6,000 square-foot guest house, 6 formal gardens, and a stable of thoroughbred horses.
Photo's of Candy Spelling's Mega-Mansion

The 73,500 sq.ft, W-shaped house, "The Manor", includes 13-foot ceilings, a doll museum, 3 gift-wrapping rooms, 20,000 square foot attic, a wine cellar, a bowling alley, a swimming pool, gymnasium, tennis court, a spa, screening room, eight 2-car garages, 123 rooms, 12 bedrooms, 3 kitchens, 4 bars, a greenhouse, 12 fountains, a water fall, a gazebo, and an entire wing for Candy's wardrobe.

In July 2006, Candy said she was not selling The Manor. "... these stories are not true, nor do I have any current plans to sell the house that my husband Aaron and I built."
Source: People.com


Aaron was Jewish.


Aaron enjoyed giving Candy much jewelry, including a 40-carat diamond ring.

Aaron's 1996 Autobiography:

Aaron Spelling: A Prime Time Life
by Aaron Spelling with Jefferson Graham
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Quotes About the Love and Marriage of Aaron and Candy Spelling:

Candy about being a "trophy wife": "I was not my own person. And I really didn't know that there was anything wrong with that."
Source: Jessica Hornig. "Family Feud? Candy Spelling Speaks Out." ABCNews.com. 4/9/2009.

Aaron: "I don't recall ever refusing my wife anything."
Source: New York Times. Jul 3, 1997. pg. A.14.

Aaron about love: "I never really knew what love was until I met Candy."
Source: Aaron Spelling: A Prime Time Life. pg. 52.

Aaron about sharing: "Candy's the only one I've ever shared with. ... If you really love somebody, you have to reveal yourself. You can't hide behind masks, which is what I always did before."
Source: Aaron Spelling: A Prime Time Life, pg. 75.

Aaron on being a romantic: "I don't think a month goes by that I don't write a poem to Candy expressing my love. She is my partner, my wife, my life ... and always will be."
Source: Aaron Spelling: A Prime Time Life. pg. 76.

Aaron: "Don't laugh, but every time I'm depressed about a show or a pilot, Candy sings "Valentine" to me. It always breaks me up, and I realize what's really important in my life."
Source: Aaron Spelling: A Prime Time Life. pg. 74.

Aaron, on why he still worked into his 80s: "I've got to support my wife."
Source: USA Today

Aaron: "I was known as Tori Spelling's father. Now, I'm Candy Spelling's husband. Pretty soon I'll have no identity at all."
Source: Variety.com

Aaron, about Candy: "Candy is really my best friend. She's everything to me."
Source: Aaron Spelling: A Prime Time Life. pg. 75.

Aaron, about work and marriage: "With Candy, I finally realized that my work must be secondary to my marriage."
Source: Aaron Spelling: A Prime Time Life. pg. 75.

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