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Steve and Terri Irwin Marriage Profile


Photo: Australia Zoo / Getty Images

Steve and Terri Irwin with their children, Australia Zoo, Beerwah, Australia, June 19, 2006.

Photo: Australia Zoo / Getty Images
The partnership of Steve and Terri Irwin was both as a married couple and as television stars. Their marriage ended on September 4, 2006 with the untimely death of Steve at the age of 44.

Here's information on how Steve and Terri Irwin met, their children, quotes about their marriage relationship, and more.

News Updates:

1/19/07: Ocean's Deadliest, Steve Irwin's last documentary was shown on television on Sunday night, 1/21/07.

1/12/07: According to Terri Irwin, all film footage (original and copies) of Steve Irwin's death have been destroyed.


    Stephen (Steve) Robert Irwin aka The Crocodile Hunter: February 22, 1962 in Essendo, Victoria, Australia.

    Terri Raines Irwin: July 20, 1964 in Eugene, Oregon, United States.


    Steve Irwin: September 4, 2006 while on a diving expedition. Steve was 44 when he died after being struck by the stingray barb of a bull ray that caught him on the left side of his chest.

    Steve Irwin was filming an underwater documentary. The diving accident happened near Low Isles Reef near Port Douglas, Australia.

    A private funeral around a candlelit fire for Steve Irwin was held on September 9, 2006 in Queensland, Australia. Those attending the service included Terri Irwin, Steve's family, Terri's family, close friends and associates. Favorite stories about Steve were shared.

    An hour-long public memorial service was held at the Australia Zoo on 9/19/2006. 5,000 were in attendance at the service which was also shown on Australian television.

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    A limited-edition DVD of Steve Irwin's memorial service was released on November 14, 2006. The DVD includes footage of Steve and his family.

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How Steve and Terri Met:

Steve Irwin and Terri Raines met in 1991 when she visited the zoo where he was working. One of their dates involved a swamp, a canoe, and darkness. They had a whirlwind romance and were engaged a few months after meeting one another.

Their wedding was eight months after Steve and Terri met.

Wedding Date:

Terri and Steve Irwin were married on June 4, 1992. While on their honeymoon, they filmed their first documentary together. It later was used as the first episode of The Crocodile Hunter.

Their tenth wedding anniversary was spent helping Indonesian elephants.


Terri and Steve Irwin had two children together.

  • Bindi Sue Irwin: Born on July 24, 1998.

  • Robert (Bob) Clarence Irwin: Born on December 1, 2003.


Steve Irwin: Actor, herpetologist, naturalist, host of Discovery channel series Crocodile Hunter, director of the Australia Zoo in Queensland, Australia, conservationist.

Terri Raines Irwin: Certified zoologist, ran an animal rehabilitation facility/wildlife sanctuary, veterinary technician, co-host of the Crocodile Hunter and Croc Files television series, author.

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Terri Irwin: "I honestly have no regrets. I spent a month with him in the bush right before we lost him. And I have this sense that I was able to say good- bye. We had the best month of our lives together."
Source: CNN Larry King Live, aired 11/05/2007.

Terri, in an interview with Barbara Walters, 9/27/06: "I've lost my prince ... We can understand the grief, and we can live with the grief. But we will not be victims of this grief. We will be wildlife warriors like Steve Irwin."
Source: People.com

About Steve's love for Terri: "For all his love of animals, Irwin’s first duty was to his US-born wife, Terri Raines, who appeared by his side from the very first episode of the Crocodile Hunter."
Source: Daily Telegraph

Terri Irwin, about their marriage: "We don't drink, we don't smoke, and we are actually in love and happily married. We love our little girl, we go home to each other at night, and we believe in what we are doing."
Source: Movies at About.com

Steve Irwin, about not wearing a wedding ring: “It’s dangerous. Working with wildlife, there’s always the chance of getting any sort of jewelry hooked up. Not only could I put my own life at risk, but also the animals we work to save. Terri and I love each other very much and she totally understands that in my line of work, I simply cannot wear one. Terri, also, for the same reason doesn’t wear any rings.”
Source: American Profile

Steve Irwin, about love at first sight: "He says that he saw her in the crowd, their eyes met and he forgot all about the croc that was trying to kill him. It was love at first sight and they were engaged four months later."
Source: American Profile

Terri Irwin: I'm the woman in front of the man, you know, behind every great woman there is a great man."
Source: Abc.net.au

Terri Irwin, on love at first sight: "I think because he's the first guy I met that I couldn't chase with a snake. He wasn't scared. It was very attractive. So I met Steve way back in 1991 when I went to Australia Zoo as an innocent tourist coming to Australia, visiting the country, went in and there's this guy in this zoo doing a crocodile demonstration talking about crocs the way I'd never heard before, you know like they're, they're really passionate lovers, wonderful mothers, and he desperately loved crocodiles. And I thought, what is with this guy? And then as he bent over to pick up some food for the croc, I went, what is with this guy? And when I came to Australia and met Steve, here was this like reptile man meets mammal woman, and it was fantastic. We just fell desperately in love."
Source: Abc.net.au

Steve Irwin, about their phone calls after they first met: "It's my turn, and the phone calls were all about, wildlife and lust. I mean we, we fell head over heels in love with each other so we'd quickly talk about wildlife and then the rest was you know, about that."
Source: Abc.net.au

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