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Tony Bennett and Susan Crow Marriage Profile


Tony Bennett and Susan Benedetto

Tony Bennett and Susan Crow in New York City, 8/3/2006

Photo: Peter Kramer / Getty Images

What You Can Learn From the Marriage of Tony Bennett and Susan Crow:

The May-December marriage of Tony Bennett and Susan Crow, after 20 years together, shows that for some, it is never too late to tie the knot.

Marriage Fast Facts - Susan and Tony
Met: Late 1980s.
Married: June 21, 2007.
First Marriage: No.  

Did You Know?
 Susan says Tony is romantic everyday.


Tony Bennett aka Anthony Dominick Benedetto: August 3, 1926 in the Astoria section of Queens, New York.


Susan Crow aka Susan Benedetto: September 9, 1966.


Wedding and Honeymoon:

Tony and Susan were married in a private civil ceremony in New York City on June 21, 2007. Mario and Matilda Cuomo were their witnesses.

Susan and Tony honeymooned in Italy for about a month.

Tony: "It was a lucky day for me when I became acquainted with a beautiful lady, Susan Crow. She's happy, thoughtful, truthful, intelligent, and she comes from a terrific family. She's helped me balance my life, think straight, and become a healthy person. She has a special way about her that I've never found in anyone else."
Source: Tony Bennett, Will Friedwald. The Good Life. 1998. pg. 241.



Tony has four children.

  • D'Andrea "Danny" Bennett: Born in February 1954 in the Bronx, New York. Producer and Tony's manager. His mother is Patricia Beech.
  • Daegal "Dae" Bennett: Born in October 1955. Recording engineer. His mother is Patricia Beech.
  • Joanna Bennett: Born in January 1969. Her mother is Sandra Grant.
  • Antonia Bennett: Born in April 1974, Antonia is a jazz singer. Her mother is Sandra Grant. Antonia's official Web Site



Tony: An award winning singer, Tony also excels as an artist. Tony served in the U.S. Army during World War II. Among his many good works, Tony helped to establish the Frank Sinatra School of the Arts in September 2001.

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The Good Life: The Autobiography of Tony Bennett (1998)
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Susan: Teacher, manager of jazz artists.

Tony and Susan are the founders of Exploring the Arts, Inc., an organization with the purpose of using arts education to transform the lives of young people.



Tony and Susan rent a Manhattan apartment overlooking Central Park.

Previous Marriages:

Tony has two previous marriages.

  • Patricia Beech: After meeting one another in July 1951 in Cleveland after one of his performances, Tony and Patricia, an artist, were married on February 12, 1952 at St. Patrick's cathedral. Tony was 25 years old and Patricia was 18 years old. They honeymooned at Nassau in the Bahamas for five days. The San Mateo Times reported their marriage with the headline, "Tony Bennett Weds Bobby Soxer." They separated in 1965 and their divorce was final in December 1971. They had two sons together.
Tony about proposing during a show on New year's Eve in New York: "I was fortunate that she wanted to marry me as much as I wanted to marry her, otherwise that would have been the most embarrassing night of my career."
Source: Tony Bennett, Will Friedwald. The Good Life. 1998. pg. 121.
Tony: "Our decision to have Patricia and the boys stay home while I was on the road was beginning to put a tremendous strain our our marriage."
Source: Tony Bennett, Will Friedwald. The Good Life. 1998. pgs. 142-143.



  • Sandra Elaine Grant: Tony met Sandra, a model and actress, in 1965 on a blind date arranged by a mutual friend at the Beverly Hills Hotel in California. Tony and Sandra were married on December 29, 1971. Sandra, who had been married and divorced before meeting Tony, filed for divorce from Tony in December 1979. They had two daughters together.
Tony about falling in love with Sandra: "It took time for us to fall in love. It took four hours."
Source: Marian Christy. "Tony Bennett: Life On the Up-Beat." The San Mateo Times. 12/24/1973.
Tony: "It was a difficult relationship from the start, filled with the classic pushing and pulling that comes when two strong-willed people get together ... It's a rare couple who can remain emotionally close while arguing about the day-to-day running of a career -- especially in show business. At least I've found that to be the case, and that's the way it was for Sandra and me. It was a really difficult time for me personally, and I don't think it would have been easy for any woman I was involved with."
Source: Tony Bennett, Will Friedwald. The Good Life. 1998. pg. 190.


Tony Bennett Quotes About Marriage:

Paul McCartney, a friend for many years: “On meeting Tony, I was reminded that most of the great people are nice to be with, because they don’t have anything to prove.”
Source: Margaret Guroff. "The New Kid." AARP.org. 5/01/2008.

Danny Bennett: “He worries about falling into the same routine. That’s his advice. Always follow your passion, your heart, your dream. Don’t say something is impossible.”
Source: Margaret Guroff. "The New Kid." AARP.org. 5/01/2008.

Tony on the secret of his relationship with Susan: "She likes the way I sing. She has good ears and she likes good music."
Source: Scott Huver. "Tony Bennett, Wife Plan Italian Honeymoon." People.com. 6/29/2007.

Susan about Tony: "He's always romantic -- everyday."
Source: Scott Huver. "Tony Bennett, Wife Plan Italian Honeymoon." People.com. 6/29/2007.

Tony about why his first two marriages failed: "The long separations when I left home to play the clubs killed both marriages. But I had to go on the road. I was in vaudeville, and a vaudevillian goes where the work is. But for a marriage to work, both parties have to be there ... Asked why neither of his wives opted to travel with him, Bennett responds sadly, "I asked them to, but everyone thought that was nuts. Everyone but me."
Source: "He keeps coming back like a song." Good Housekeeping. 4/1/95.

Tony about divorce: "His divorces were "very treacherous," he says. "Divorce smashes something. And it affects everyone -- kids as well as grown-ups. One of my few regrets is that I wasn't with my children as much as I would have liked. But I did stay involved with them. I truly tried to be a good father and some of my most wonderful moments were with them. My children are my true joy and blessing. And they understand my need to work."
Source: "He keeps coming back like a song." Good Housekeeping. 4/1/95.


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