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Marriages of Andy Williams


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Andy Williams' First Wife -- Claudine Longet (1961-1975)
Andy Williams and Claudine Longet

American pop crooner Andy Williams and his wife, French singer and actor Claudine Longet, share an affectionate moment circa 1968.

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Fast Marriage Facts - Andy and Claudine:

Wedding Date: December 15, 1961.
First Marriage: Yes.

Did You Know?

Andy stood by Claudine through her trial for shooting her boyfriend.


Claudine Georgette Longet: January 29, 1942 in Paris, France.
Andy was born in 1927.

When Andy and Claudine Met:

Christopher Stevens: "In 1960, Williams was driving through Las Vegas when he spotted a young woman beside a broken-down car at the side of the road. He stopped to help, and was immediately smitten by the 18-year-old, French-born showgirl, Claudine Longet. With her wide mouth and dark, curling hair, she was breathtakingly beautiful - admirers used words like ‘ethereal’ and ‘exquisite’."
Source: Christopher Stevens. "The VERY colourful truth about the king of the crooners." DailyMail.co.uk. 9/26/2012.
Andy: "I flew to Paris. I introduced myself to her parents and eased some of their fears about the older man who was dating their daughter. Then I took Claudine out to lunch, poured us both a glass of champagne, and proposed to her."
Source: Andy Williams. Moon River and Me: A Memoir. 10/2009. pg. 114.

Wedding Information:

Andy and Claudine were married at the Presbyterian Church in Bel Air, California on December 15, 1961. The couple spent their wedding night in Palm Springs at the El Dorado Country Club and honeymooned in Jamaica.


Andy and Claudine had three children together: Noelle Christine Williams born in 1963, Christian Williams born in 1965, and Robert Williams born in 1969.


Claudine: Singer, actress, dancer at the Folies Bergere at the Tropicana Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.


After the couple separated in 1970, Claudine filed for divorce in January 1975. Irreconcilable differences were cited by Longet for the divorce.
"They [Williams and Longet] separated in 1970 and except for their annual Christmas television special together with their children have been living apart."
Source: UPI. "Claudine Longet Files for Divorce." Leader-Times. 1/28/1975. pg. 15.

Shooting Scandal:

Claudine was charged in Aspen, Colorado in March 1976 for killing her boyfriend, Olympic medalist and champion skier "Spider" Vladimir Peter Sabich Jr. Many were surprised that Andy stood by her side during the trial. Claudine received a sentence of 30 days in jail for criminally negligent homicide.
Andy: "I had to be there for her. She is the mother of my children. And we never stopped being friends. We just didn't want to be married any more. The first thing I did was to get my kids to a safe place, and then to get her some good legal help. I still accept her story that the shooting was accidental. I think she is telling the truth."
Source: Michael Shelden. "Bobby Kennedy was buried in my tie." Telegraph.co.uk. 6/10/2002.

Later Marriage:

In June 1985 in Mexico, Claudine married the lead defense attorney during her trial, Ron Austin. She made her home in the Aspen area.

Quotes About the Marriage of Claudine Longet and Andy Williams:

Andy: "I'm not sure why we can't live together ... I love her and I know she loves me. The trouble is she can't stand to be with me for more than 2 1/2 days."
Source: Judy Bachrach. "Aspen -- Where Spider Sabich Lived and Died." Sandusky Register. 4/24/1975. pg. A-3.

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