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Marriages of Andy Williams


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Andy Williams' Second Wife -- Debbie Meyer Haas (1991-2012)
Andy and Debbie Williams

Debbie and Andy Williams at the annual Songwriters Hall of Fame Ceremony at The New York Marriott Marquis on June 18, 2009 in New York City.

Photo: Jemal Countess / Getty Images for Songwriters Hall of Fame

Fast Marriage Facts - Andy and Debbie:

Wedding Date: May 3, 1991.
First Marriage: No.

Did You Know?

Debbie and Andy met on a blind date.


Debbie Meyer Haas: Abt. 1956 from Buffalo, Minnesota.
Andy was born in 1927.

When Andy and Debbie Met:

Andy met Debbie around 1986 on a blind date at a golf course.
Walter Scott: "Debbie Haas, at 35, is 25 years younger than Andy Williams. They met four years ago, when Haas was working as a hostess at a hotel in Aspen, Colo. The two were married last month."
Source: Walter Scott. "Personality Parade." Parade. 6/16/1991. pg. 2.
Andy: "As soon as I met Debbie, I felt there was an instant connection between us. We began talking as if we'd known each other for years, and by the time we'd played the first hole, I was barely aware that the other two in the foursome were still with us ... she was a lot younger than I ... she was certainly beautiful ... it certainly wasn't just an infatuation. I knew at once that Debbie was the one for me, the love of my life, and from the start we were meant to be."
Source: Andy Williams. Moon River and Me: A Memoir. 10/2009. pgs. 272-273.

Wedding Information:

Debbie and Andy were married on May 3, 1991 in New York, New York. They had a celebration at the 21 Club.
Andy: "It [Andy's residence] was a beautiful apartment and an ideal setting for the small, intimate wedding that both Debbie and I wanted. We both had had the big church wedding the first time around and decided to keep it simple this time with just a few very close friends. A justice of the peace conducted the ceremony, and we took our vows looking out over the Manhattan skyline."
Source: Andy Williams. Moon River and Me: A Memoir. 10/2009. pg. 274.


Debbie: Hotel executive.


Debbie and Andy had homes in Branson, Missouri and La Quinta, California.

Their home in Branson, overlooking Lake Taneycomb, is a Country French home on a golf course.

Andy: "We don't encourage too many visitors to the house, and we don't even have a guest bedroom ... Because I live a very public life the rest of the time, the house has become my refuge where I can kick off my shoes, relax, and unwind."
Source: Andy Williams. Moon River and Me: A Memoir. 10/2009. pg. 291.

Pevious Marriages:

Debbie had one previous marriage. Andy was previously married to Claudine Longet.

Quotes About the Marriage of Debbie Haas and Andy Williams:

Andy: "Debbie and we had a reunion with my children, my daughter, Noelle, and my son Christian, who lives in Costa Rica, and my son Bobby, and Debbie, and Claudine, and her husband. And everybody got along great. And Claudine and Debbie are good pals."
Source: Larry King Live. "Andy Williams Discusses His Return to Singing." Cnn.com. 8/22/2000.

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