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Marriages of Annette Funicello


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Annette Funicello's Second Husband -- Glen Holt (1986-2013)
Annette Funicello and Frankie Avalon in 1987

Taken a year after her marriage to Glen Holt, here's Annette Funicello and Frankie Avalon at an event on July 28, 1987 in New York City, New York.

Photo: Catherine McGann / Getty Images
A family friend for many years before he married Annette Funicello, Glen Holt was an example of being there for one another in difficult times.

How Glen and Annette Met:
Glen first met Annette when she was a teenager and owned a race horse. After losing touch with each other for many years, they reconnected after they were both divorced. After daing for two years, Glen proposed on Valentine's Day 2985 over dinner at an Italian restaurant.

Wedding Date and Information:
Annette and Glen were married on May 3, 1986 at the Chapel in the Canyon in Canoga Park, California. Their wedding guests included a small gathering of friends and family. After their wedding reception was held at the Calabasas Lodge Country Club, they honeymooned at Lake Tahoe.

"Annette's daughter Gina served as maid of honor and Glen's son Mike was best man. Annette was a beautiful bride. She wore a cocktail length beaded chiffon dress and carried a bouquet of white and purple roses with baby's breath ... As a wedding gift, Glen gave Annette a amethyst teardrop necklace and a blood bay colt, Uncle Walt, named after one of the people Annette admires most, Walt Disney."
Source: "Looking Back After 25 Years." AnnetteConnection.com.

Glen: Rancher and racehorse breeder and trainer. Glen designed a special wheelchair with a seat from a harness-racing sulky for Annette.

Quotes About the Marriage of Glen Holt and Annette Funicello:
Glen: "When we got married we promised we would take care of each other, come hell or high water. And when she was diagnosed and started all this stuff about MS, I told her, 'Well, I'll take care of you, honey, and I'll do everything I can do.' I just tell her, 'Hey, you're my baby. A big, nice look at me with those big, brown, bright eyes is telling me 'thank you,' you know."
Source: Natalie Finn. "Shocking Annette Funicello Video: Star's True Condition Revealed Months Before Her Death." EOnline.com. 4/08/2013.

Annette: "I'm a Catholic, and I've always been a religious person, and having MS reminds me that there's a higher power up there who knows what HE's doing. MS has brought my family closer together, if that's possible. Glen and I will do our errands together—go to the bank, the cleaners, the supermarket—and he'll help me cook dinner."
Source: Annette Funicello. "Hope in Her Heart." People.com. 8/17/1992.

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