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The Three Marriages of Davy Jones


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Davy Jones' Second Wife -- Anita Pollinger (1981-1996)
Davy Jones in 1996

Amateur jockey and former member of the 'Monkee's' Davy Jones rides on Digpast in the 4.20 of The Peach Amateur Riders Handicap at Lingfield Park in Surrey, England, in 1996.

Photo: Anton Want / ALLSPORT / Getty Images

Wedding Date:

Anita and Davy were married on January 24, 1981.


Anita and Davy have two daughters, Jessica Lillian and Annabel Charlotte.


Davy and Anita divorced in 1996.


Anita: Actress, background singer.

Davy Jones Information

First Marriage -- Linda Haines (1968-1975)

Second Marriage -- Anita Pollinger (1981-1996)

Third Marriage -- Jessica Pacheco (2009-2012)

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