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The Three Marriages of Dick Clark


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Dick Clark's Third Wife -- Kari Wigton (1977-2012)
Dick Clark and Kari Wigton

Actor Dick Clark and wife Kari Wigton arrive at the The M&M's Brand City party on March 11, 2004 in Hollywood, California.

Photo: Frazer Harrison / Getty Images
Dick Clark's May-December marriage to Kari Wigton lasted thirty-five years until he died in 2012.


Karen "Kari" L. Wigton: Abt. January 1943.

Wedding Date and Information:

Dick and Kari were married in Malibu, California on July 7, 1977 at 7 pm. They reportedly chose the date because of all the 7s.
"Dick Clark said on one episode of The $100,000 Pyramid that he married Kari Wigton on 7/7/77. At the ceremony there were 7 candles and 7 people in the wedding party. Actor John Davidson's father officiated at the ceremony, and they asked if he could finish the whole ceremony in 17 minutes. He did."
Source: "Dick Clark Trivia." TV.com.


Kari: Dancer, Dick's executive assistant since 1971.


Dick designed their home in Malibu, California.

Quotes About the Marriage of Kari and Dick Clark:

John Jackson: "It was a perfect match. Clark described Wigton as 'the first woman I've known who lives my life, understands it, puts up with it -- and works with me!' She characterized Clark as a 'perfectionist' who was 'very difficult to work with ... You know you're doing okay only if you don't get fired.'"
Source: John Jackson. American Bandstand: Dick Clark and the Making of a Rock 'n' Roll Empire. 1999. pg. 266.

Dick about working with Kari: "I don't recommend it to everybody, because husbands and wives are not always that compatible. And everybody is not like Kari. She is well-organized, very adaptable, even-tempered, cheerful."
Source: Wallace Terry. "Am I Embarassed?" Herald-Journal. 9/21/1991. pg. 64.

Kari: "He's tough, he can be moody, he's a worrier," she concedes. "But I'm fairly happy and up nearly all the time, so we balance each other perfectly."
Source: Christopher P. Andersen. "Dick Clark." People Magazine. 1/27/1986.

Kari: "We lived together for seven years so I knew going in what being married to Dick Clark would be like. We're together 24 hours a day. At the office he's boss. period. I'm just an employee. At home it's give and take ... His less attractive qualities? He's got a bad, hair-trigger temper and a short attention span. You have to catch him in a hurry, there are too many things on his mind."
Source: Milton Rockmore. "What's It Like Being Married To A Star?" St. Petersburg Independent. 12/1/1980. pg. 23-A.

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