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The Three Marriages of Jane Russell


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Second Marriage -- Roger Barrett (1968-1968)
Jane Russell in 1968

Jane Russell with her son Tommy in London, England in 1968.

Photo: Bob Aylott / Keystone / Getty Images


Roger Wyatt Barrett: April 8, 1921 in Sonoma County, California. per California Death Index and California Birth Index

How Roger and Jane Met:

Jane and Roger met in Chicago, Illinois on June 15, 1968, just 2 months prior to their wedding. They were both performing in the stage show Here Today.
"Jane Russell has confirmed our tip that she's getting married to a handsome actor she's known only two months ... She said that their mutual interest in religion 'played a very important part' in the whirlwiind romance that led to their engagement."
Source: Earl Wilson. "Jane Russell Says She'll Marry Actor." Bucks County Courier Times. Levittown, Pennsylvania. 8/14/1968. pg. 33.

Wedding Date and Info:

Roger and Jane were married on August 25, 1968 at the Community Presbyterian Church in Beverly Hills, California. They had a Mexican motif wedding with orange and pink decorations.
News stories reported that Jane wore a "bright red print jacket-dress and Barrett was dressed in white ... Her 17-year-old adopted daughter Tracy was bridesmaid at the Presbyterian ceremony. Two other adopted children, Thomas, 18, and Robert, 12, attended."
Source: "Jane Russell Weds Actor Roger Barrett." Press-Telegram. Long Beach, California. 8/26/1968. pg. 2.


Roger: Actor, voice over TV commercialist, professor of philosophy and religion.

Previous Marriages:

Roger had one previous marriage.


Roger: At the age of 47, Roger died at their home in Van Nuys, California on November 18, 1968 from a heart attack. Jane and Roger had recently returned from a four-week honeymoon in England.
"Barrett complained of intense pain about 7:30 a.m. and Miss Russell ran to a sister-in-law's nearby home for help. When she returned, Barrett apparently was dead."
Source: "Jane Russell's Second Husband Dies Suddenly." Amarillo Globe-Times. Amarillo, Texas. 11/19/1968. pg. 15.
Jane: "Everybody tells me 'stay busy.' He was only 47 and strong as an ox. He used to carry me across the stage and i'm a big girl. that was in Chicago where we met last summer. The play was Here Today. And to think we used to laugh at that title."
Source: "Earl Wilson's Broadway." Independent. Long Beach, California. 2/24/1969. pg. 14.
Jane: "That was the lowest point of my existence, but it didn't test my faith. Someday I'll understand the reason for Roger's dying. I didn't know then, and I don't know now."
Source: Frank Deford. "Jane Russell." PEOPLE Magazine. 10/28/1985. pg. 96.

Quotes About the Marriage of Jane Russell and Roger Barrett:

Jane: "Roger has the most beautiful voice in the world, is 6-3, blue-eyed and has curly hair and lots of it. He's three months older than I am. He is a Baptist. I'm nothing, but everything ... Oh, I'm so happy. I can't stand it."
Source: Earl Wilson. "Jane Russell Says She'll Marry Actor." Bucks County Courier Times. Levittown, Pennsylvania. 8/14/1968. pg. 33.

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