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Timeline and Marriages of Andy Griffith


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Barbara Edwards and Andy Griffith Marriage Profile
Andy and Barbara Griffith

American actor Andy Griffith smiles with his first wife, Barbara Edwards, as they attend a film premiere. He wears a tuxedo.

Photo: Hulton Archive / Getty Images


Barbara Bray Edwards: Abt. 1926 in Wilson County, North Carolina.

How Andy and Barbara Met:

Barbara and Andy met at college when both were part of a group called the Carolina Playmakers.

Wedding Date:

Barbara and Andy were married on Roanoke Island on August 26, 1949 just two months after they both graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
Mal Vincent: "They were married on Roanoke Island in 1949. As he put it, "in an Anglican chapel by a Methodist minister to a Baptist maiden while a Roman Catholic pumped the pipe organ." Upon graduation, they went to Goldsboro, N.C., where he took a job teaching music at the local high school and she led the music program at a local church."
Source: Mal Vincent. "The real Andy Griffith lives among us, quietly." The Virginian-Pilot. 2/17/2008.


Andy and Barbara raised two children together.
  • Andrew Samuel Griffith, Jr: Born in 1957. In 1996, at the age of 38, Andy Jr. died of alcoholism.
  • Dixie Nann Griffith: Born abt. 1960.


They divorced in June 1972. Andy received custody of their son Sam and Barbara received custody of their daughter Dixie Nann.
Andy: "Barbara wasn't thick-skinned enough for show business. You've got to be able to fail and stand it."
Source: Mal Vincent. "The real Andy Griffith lives among us, quietly." The Virginian-Pilot. 2/17/2008.


Barbara: Singer, dancer, actress, church musical director.

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