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Timeline and Marriages of Andy Griffith


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Solica Cassuto and Andy Griffith Marriage Profile
Andy Griffith in 1979

Actor Andy Griffith on the set of TV's 'Salvage-1' where he plays the character, Harry Broderick, a salvage expert extraordinaire, filmed in Los Angeles, California.

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Solica Cassuto: Greece.

Wedding Date:

Solica and Andy were married on June 11, 1975.
Michele: "He and his bride, Solica, are reportedly honeymooning all summer at his Manteo, N.C. estate. Incidentally, Andy recently bought the original Bing Crosby estate in Toluca Lake, Calif."
Source: Michele. "Michele Will Tell." High Point Enterprise. 7/26/1975. pg. 17B.
Andy: "I told my agent I didn't even want to hear from him until summer is over. We're going to my place in North Carolina for two months -- maybe more."
Source: Dorothy Manners. "A Test of Courage." The Bradford (Pa.) Era. 8/08/1975. pg. 13.


Andy and Solica were divorced in 1981.


Solica: Actress.

Quotes About the Marriage of Andy Casuto and Andy Griffith:

Andy: "[Solica] puts up with me and my children, is a fine person, and cares about my kids. We finally did it June 11. I was married 22 years, then single for five. My ex-wife is well off. She married a guy she's happy with."
Source: Earl Wilson. "Burtons bring romance to world." Reno Evening Gazette. 10/23/1975. pg. 23

Andy Griffith's Marriages

Andy Griffith and Barbara Edwards
Andy Griffith and Solica Cassuto
Andy Griffith and Cindi Knight

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