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Timeline and Marriages of Marilyn Monroe


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Marilyn Monroe's Third Husband -- Arthur Miller (1956-1961)
Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller

American film star Marilyn Monroe outside her home in Englefield Green with her third husband American playwright Arthur Miller.

Photo: Evening Standard / Getty Images - Original Publication: People Disc - HN0485
Working with her husband, Arthur Miller, created stress and conflict in Marilyn Monroe's third marriage.


Arthur Asher Miller: October 17, 1915 in Manhattan, New York.


Arthur: On February 10, 2005 at the age of 89, Arthur Miller died from congestive heart failure in Roxbury, Connecticut.

When Arthur and Marilyn Met:

Marilyn and Arthur briefly met in 1951 on the set of As Young As You Feel.
Arthur in 1953: "I no longer knew what I wanted -- certainly not the end of my marriage, but the thought of putting Marilyn out of my life was unbearable. My world seemed to be colliding with itself, the past exploding under my feet."
Source: Arthur Miller. Timebends: A Life. 1995. pg. 356.
Barbara Leaming: "Marilyn's relationship with Arthur changed when his wife found out about the love affair. Soon after his fortieth birthday on October 17, Mary threw Arthur out of their house ... Though his romance with Marilyn was still officially a secret, more and more they began to see each other in the presence of friends."
Source: Barbara Leaming. Marilyn Monroe. 2000. pg. 189.

Wedding Date and Info:

In White Plains, New York, on June 29, 1956, Marilyn and Arthur were married by City Court Judge Seymour Robinowitz in the office of attorney Sam Slavitt. Marilyn wore a beige wedding dress. A few days later, on July 1, 1956 they had a Jewish wedding ceremony at the home of Kay Brown, Miller's agent.


Marilyn had two miscarriages and an ectopic pregnancy during her marriage to Arthur.


Announcing their separation on November 11, 1960, Marilyn and Arthur were divorced in Mexico on January 20, 1961.


Arthur: Playwright, actor.

Other Marriages:

Arthur had two other marriages.
  • Mary Grace Slattery: Arthur and his college sweetheart, Mary Grace, were married on August 5, 1940. They had two children and later divorced in Reno, Nevada in June 1956.
Barbara Leaming: "Miller's divorce hearing on June 11 took five minutes. Though it was he who had embarked on a relationship with another woman, he charged his wife, the former Mary Grace Slatter, with 'extreme cruelty, entirely mental in nature.' The divorce was uncontested."
Source: Barbara Leaming. Marilyn Monroe. 2000. pg. 224.
  • Inge Morath aka Ingeborg Morath: After meeting on the set of The Misfits, Arthur married Austrian photographer Inge on February 17, 1962. They had two children. She died on January 30, 2002 in New York City from cancer.

Quotes About the Marriage of Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller:

Marilyn: "He [Arthur Miller] wouldn't have married me if I had been nothing but a dumb blonde."
Source: "Marilyn Monroe Quotes: The Blond Beauty's Quotes on Marriage." HuffingtonPost.com. 7/24/2012.

Marilyn: "Mr. Miller is a wonderful man and a great writer, but it didn't work out that we should be husband and wife. But everybody I ever loved, I still love a little."
Source: Pamela Keogh. Are You a Jackie or a Marilyn?: Timeless Lessons on Love, Power, and Style. 2010. pg. 129.

Arthur: "Most marriages, after all, are conspiracies to deny the dark and confirm the light."
Source: Arthur Miller. Timebends: A Life. 1995. pg. 460.

"In a 1992 interview with a French newspaper, he [Arthur] called her 'highly self-destructive' and said that during their marriage, 'all my energy and attention were devoted to trying to help her solve her problems. Unfortunately, I didn't have much success.'"
Source: "America's greatest living playwright Arthur Miller dead at 89." Jewish-Theatre.com. 2005.

Arthur Miller said in 1987: "I guess to be frank about it, I was taking care of her. I was trying to keep her afloat," Miller told Wallace. "She was a super-sensitive instrument, and that's exciting to be around until it starts to self-destruct."
Source: Evie Salomon. "Marilyn Monroe: 50 years since her death." CBSNews.com. 8/05/2012.

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