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Television Series About Marriage

Arranged Alphabetically


Do you remember any of these television series about marriage? If we have missed one of your favorite television shows that feature a married couple, please let us know!

Television Series About Marriage

    "The Addams Family" ABC, 1964
    "The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet" ABC, 1952
    "All in the Family" CBS, 1971
    "An American Family" PBS, 1973

    "Barefoot in the Park" ABC, 1970
    "Bewitched" ABC, 1964
    "The Bob Newhart Show" CBS, 1972
    "The Brady Bunch" ABC, 1969

    "The Cosby Show" NBC, 1984

    "Dave's World" CBS, 1993
    "Desperate Housewives" ABC, 2004
    "Dharma & Greg" ABC, 1997
    "The Dick Van Dyke Show" CBS, 1961
    "Dinosaurs" ABC, 1991
    "Donna Reed" ABC, 1958

    "Eight is Enough" ABC, 1977
    "Everybody Loves Raymond" CBS, 1996

    "Family" ABC, 1976
    "Family Guy" FOX, 1999
    "Family Matters" ABC, 1989
    "Family Ties" NBC, 1982
    "Father Knows Best" CBS, 1954
    "The Flintstones" ABC, 1960

    "The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show" CBS, 1950
    "George Lopez" ABC, 2002
    "The Goldbergs" CBS, 1949
    "Good times" CBS, 1974
    "Green Acres" CBS, 1965
    "Growing Pains" ABC, 1985

    "Happy Family" NBC, 2003
    "He and She" CBS, 1967
    "Home Improvement" ABC, 1991
    "The Honeymooners" CBS, 1955
    "The Hughleys" UPN, 1998

    "I Married Joan" NBC, 1952
    "In-Laws" NBC, 2002

    "The Jeffersons" CBS, 1975

    "King of the Hill" FOX, 1997

    "Leave It to Beaver" ABC, 1957
    "Life Goes On" ABC, 1989
    "Life With Bonnie" ABC, 2002
    "Lost in Space" aka "The Space Family Robinson" CBS, 1965

    "Mad About You" NBC, 1992
    "Marriage 911" FOX, 2005
    "Married to the Kellys" ABC, 2003
    "Married, With Children" Fox, 1986
    "Mary Kay & Johnny" DuMont, 1947
    "Maude" CBS, 1972
    "McMillan & Wife" NBC, 1971
    "The Mind of the Married Man" HBO, 2001
    "The Munsters" CBS, 1964
    "My Big Fat Greek Life" CBS, 2003
    "My Wife and Kids" ABC, 2001

    "Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica" MTV, 2003

    "Step by Step" ABC, 1991

    "The O'Keefes" WB, 2003
    "The Oblongs" WB, 2001
    "The Ortegas" FOX, 2001
    "The Osbournes" MTV, 2002
    "Out of Order" SHOWTIME, 2003

    "Picket Fences" CBS, 1992
    "The Pitts" FOX, 2003

    "Race to the Altar" NBC, 2003
    "Rhoda" CBS, 1976
    "Rodney" ABC, 2004
    "Roseanne" ABC, 1988

    "Second Time Around" UPN, 2004
    "The Simpsons" Fox, 1990
    "The Sopranos" HBO, 1999

    "That 70s Show" 1998
    "Thirtysomething" ABC, 1987
    "To Have & To Hold" CBS, 1998
    "Trading Spouses" FOX, 2004

    "Unhappily Ever After" WB, 1995
    "United States" NBC, 1980

    "The Waltons" CBS, 1972
    "The War at Home" FOX, 2005
    "Wife Swap" ABC, 2004
    "The Wonder Years" ABC, 1988

    "Yes, Dear" CBS, 2000

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