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What If Your Spouse Doesn't Want a Budget?


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Some folks believe in budgeting and some don't. If these two marry one another, without flexibility and understanding there can be a budget war. If your spouse doesn't want a budget, trying to force the issue will cause problems in your marriage.

Creating a spending plan together (aka a budget) can turn into an argument with neither spouse wanting to give in and the spouse who is anti-budget becoming defensive and viewing a budget as a way to manipulate or control. If your spouse sees a budget as a weapon, the whole budget concept will fail.

Not wanting to have a budget doesn't necessarily mean your spouse just wants to spend all the money the two of you have. Your spouse may detest record keeping or tracking every dime spent. Perhaps a non-budgeting strategy or a very general budget will create less stress in your marriage and still allow the two of you to know where you are financially.

"The first step is the easiest. Begin by talking to your partner about their financial history. This can be fun. Ask them about their most extravagant purchase. Find out about their most disappointing birthday gift. Do they remember any funny (or sad) stories about their parents and money? Was there a time in life that your mate felt rich? Or poor? Ask them how it happened and how they felt about it."
Source: Gary Foreman. "Marriage and the Single Budget." Stretcher.com. 8/1997.

Since money issues can lead to financial infidelity, we believe it is vital that the two of you talk about your finances on a regular basis.

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