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Secret Stash


Photo: Stockbyte / Getty Images
Photo: Stockbyte / Getty Images
Definition: A secret stash in a marriage is money that one of the spouse hides from the other spouse. The funds may be hidden in cash in a drawer or other secret location, or placed in a bank account.

Most individuals who have a secret stash do not believe it is important to reveal to their partners how much money is in the stash or how the money is spent.

Also Known As: Runaway account, knippel, hesokuri, belly-button money, spindle money, pin money, secret store, little on the side, security blanket, private cache, rainy day fund, safety net, nest egg, sock money.
Many Jewish housewives have traditionally kept a stash of money that is called a knippel. "Knippel little bundles: sometimes, money reserved in a handkerchief or the like by a woman for extras."
Source: Manachem M. Brayer, The Jewish Woman in Rabbinic Literature, page 327.

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