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The Language and Meaning of Flowers for Married Couples

G - O -- The Meaning of Flowers


Some of the meanings of Orchids are rare beauty and love.

Some of the meanings of Orchids are rare beauty and love.

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GARDENIA: You're lovely, secret love, joy, sweet love, good luck.

GARLIC CHIVES: Protection, courage, strength.

GERANIUM: Stupidity, folly, comfort, gentility. Associated with the fourth wedding anniversary.

GINGER: Strength, safe, pleasant, warming, comforting.

GLADIOLUS: Strength of character, remembrance, infatuation, splendid beauty, give me a break, I'm really sincere, flower of the Gladiators, admiration, tells recipients that they pierce the heart like a sword. Because the gladiolus has blade-shaped leaves, the name comes from the Latin word gladius which means sword. Also the birthflower for August.

GLOXINA: Love at first sight.

GOLDENROD: Encouragement.

HAZEL: Reconciliation.

HEATHER, LAVENDER: Admiration, solitude, beauty.

HEATHER, WHITE: Protection, wishes will come true.

HEN-AND-CHICKENS: Welcome home husband however drunk you are.

HIBISCUS: Delicate beauty.

HOLLY: Foresight, defense, domestic happiness, enchantment.

HOLLY BERRIES: Christmas joy.

HOLLYHOCK: Ambition, fruitfulness. Associated with the thirteenth wedding anniversary.

HONEYSUCKLE: Bonds of love, generous, devoted affection.

HOPS: Mirth.

HOSTA: Devotion.

HUCKLEBERRY: Simple pleasure.

HYACINTH: Sport, play, games, rashness, flower dedicated to Apollo.

HYACINTH, BLUE: Constancy.

HYACINTH, PURPLE: I am sorry, sorrow, please forgive me.


HYACINTH, WHITE: Loveliness, I'll pray for you.


HYDRANGEA: Thank you for understanding, frigidity, heartlessness, heartless.

IRIS: Wisdom, Fleur-de-lis, emblem of France, valued friendship, faith, hope, valor, my compliments, passion. Associated with the twenty-fifth wedding anniversary.

IRIS, BLUE: Faith, hope.

IRIS, PURPLE: Wisdom, compliments.

IRIS, YELLOW: Passion.

IRIS, WHITE: Purity.

IVY: Fidelity, wedded love, friendship, affection, marriage, wedded love.

IXIA: Happiness.

JACK-IN-THE-PULPIT: Associated with the seventh wedding anniversary.

JACOB'S LADDER: Come down.

JASMINE, WHITE or INDIAN: Amiability , I attach myself to you, sensuality, attachment.


JASMINE, YELLOW: Grace, elegance.

JONQUIL: Sympathy , love me, affection returned, desire.

JUNIPER: Protection.

LADY'S SLIPPER: Capricious beauty, win me.

LAMB'S-EARS: Support.

LANTANA: Rigour.

LARKSPUR: Fickleness, ardent attachment, levity, lightness. Also the birth flower for July.

LARKSPUR, PINK: Fickleness.


LAUREL: Glory, success.

LAVENDER: Devotion, ardent attachment, happiness, success, luck, distrust.


LEMON BLOSSOMS: Faithful love.

LILAC: Youthful, first love, humility, confidence.

LILY: Majesty, wealth, pride, innocence, purity.

LILY, WHITE: Purity, modesty, virginity, majesty, it's heavenly to be with you. The white lily is linked to Juno, the queen of the gods in Roman mythology, by the story that while nursing her son Hercules, some excess milk fell from the sky creating the group of stars we call the Milky Way, and lilies were created from what milk fell to the earth. The Easter lily is also known as the symbol of the Virgin Mary.

LILY, ORANGE: flame, I burn for you.

LILY, YELLOW: I'm walking on air, false, gay.

LILY OF THE VALLEY: Return of happiness, purity of heart, sweetness, tears of the Virgin Mary, you've made my life complete, humility, happiness, love's good fortune. The legend of the lily of the valley is that it sprang from Eve's tears when she was kicked out of the Garden of Eden. It is also believed that this flower protects gardens from evil spirits. Also known as the flower of May.

LIVE OAK: Liberty.

LOTUS BLOSSOM: Estranged love.

MAGNOLIA: Dignity, love of nature, nobility.

MAPLE: Reserve.

MARIGOLD: Affection, cruelty, grief, jealousy. The marigold was called Mary's Gold by early Christians who placed garlands of marigolds by statues of the Virgin Mary.

MARIGOLD, POT: Grief, despair.

MARJORAM: Blushes.

MIMOSA: Sensitivity.

MINT: Virtue, warmth, protection.

MISTLETOE: Kiss me, affection, to surmount difficulties, sacred plant of India.

MONKSHOOD: Beware, a deadly foe is near, danger.

MORNING GLORY: Loves you, affection. Associated with the eleventh wedding anniversary.

MOSS: Maternal love, charity.


MUSHROOM: Suspicion.

MYRRH: Gladness.

MYRTLE: Love, Hebrew emblem of marriage.

NARCISSUS: Egotism, conceit, self love, self admiration, formality, stay as sweet as you are. Also known as the birth flower for December.

NASTURTIUM: Conquest, victory in battle, patriotism. Associated with the fortieth wedding anniversary.


OAK LEAVES: Bravery, strength, endurance.

OAK TREE: Hospitality.

OLEANDER: Caution.


ORANGE BLOSSOMS/FLOWERS: Purity, innocence, eternal love, marriage, and fruitfulness, fertility, pure loveliness, chastity.


ORANGE TREE: Generosity.

ORCHID: Rare beauty, love, refinement, beautiful lady, Chinese symbol for many children, mature charm, beauty, long life. Associated with twenty-eighth wedding anniversary.

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