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Meaning of Flowers Sorted by Word / Phrase



Photo ©  Bob Stritof
Photo © Bob Stritof
A-F ~~ G-O ~~ P-S ~~ T-Z ~~ Flower Meanings Sorted Alphabetically by Flower

Although not a complete list, this alphabetical list of phrases and words with their associated flowers will help you find the right flower to give to your spouse.

Absence: Wormwood, Zinnia.

Abuse not: Crocus.

Accommodating disposition: Valerian.

Activity: Thyme.

Admiration: Red Carnation, Gladiolus, Lavender Heather, Peach Rose, Pink Rose, Light Pink Rose.

Adoration: Sunflower.

Advice: Rhubarb.

Affection, devoted: Honeysuckle, Ivy, Jonquil, Marigold, Mistletoe, Morning Glory, Pear Blossoms, Sorrel, Stock.

Age, old: Tree of Life.

Ambition: Hollyhock.

Amiability: Jasmine.

Anger: Petunia.

Anticipation: Forsythia.

Appreciation: Peach Rose, Pink Rose.

Attachment: Jasmine, Larkspur, Lavender.

Attractive: Ranunculus.

Austerity: Thistle.

Bashfulness: Peony.

Be mine: Four-leaf Clover.

Beauty: Amaryllis, Calla Lily, Cowslip, Gladiolus, Lavender Heather, Lady's Slipper, Orchid, Burgundy Rose, Red Rose, Small Rose Bud, Stock, Violet.

Beauty, delicate: Hibiscus, Hibiscus Rose.

Beauty, un-selfconscious: Deep Red Rose, Daisy.

Beautiful year ahead: Chrismas/Lenten Rose.

Best wishes: Basil.

Beware: Begonia, Monkshood.

Blessedness: Bachelor's Button.

Blushes: Marjoram.

Boldness: Pinks.

Bound: Snowball.

Capriciousness: Carnation, purple.

Caring: Yellow Rose.

Captive: Peach Blossoms.

Caution: Oleander, Rhododendron.

Celibacy: Bachelor's Button.

Charity: Turnip.

Charm: Ranunculus, White Rose.

Character, strength: Gladiolus.

Charity: Moss.

Chastity: Orange Blossoms.

Cheerfulness: Chrysanthemum, Coreopsis, Crocus, Xeranthemum.

Cheers the heart: Bugle.

Childishness: Buttercup.

Chivalry: Daffodil.

Christmas joy: Holly Berries.

Clever: Clematis.

Come down: Jacob's Ladder.

Comfort: Geranium, Ginger, Pear Tree.

Compassion: Allspice.

Compliments: Iris.

Conceit: Narcissus.

Confidence: Fern, Lilac.

Congratulations: Yellow and Red Roses.

Conquest: Nasturtium.

Consolation: Red Poppy.

Constancy: Bluebell, Blue Hyacinth, Scarlet Zinnia.

Contract, broken: Broken Straw.

Conviviality: Pine Cone.

Coquetry: Day Lily.

Cordial: Begonia, Peppermint.

Courage: Black Poplar, Garlic Chives, Oak Leaves, Poplar, Red Rose.

Cruelty: Marigold.

Cure, heartache: Cranberry.

Curiosity: Sycamore.

Daintiness: Aster.

Danger: Monkshood, Rhododendron, Tuberose.

Dazzling: Snapdragon.

Death: Cypress.

Deceit: Flytrap, Mock Orange, Snapdragon.

Defense: Holly.

Delicacy: Cornflower.

Departure: Sweet Pea.

Desire: Jonquil, Coral Rose, Peach Rose.

Desire, travel: Stephanotis.

Despair: Marigold.

Devotion: Hosta, Lavender, Rosemary, Sunflower.

Difficulties, surmount: Mistletoe.

Dignity: Cloves, Dahlia, Elm, Magnolia.

Disappointment: Yellow Carnation.

Disdain: Yellow Carnation.

Distinction: Carnation.

Distrust: Lavender.

Domestic symbol: Flax.

Durability: Dogwood.

Egotism: Narcissus.

Elegance: Aster, Yellow Jasmine, Pomegranate.

Elope with me: Spider Flower.

Enchantment: Holly, Lavender Rose.

Encouragement: Goldenrod.

Endurance: Acorns, Cactus, Eremurus, Oak Leaf.

Enthusiasm: Bouvardia, Orange Rose.

Esteem: Strawberry.

Expectation: Anemone, Zephyr.

Faith: Iris.

Faithfulness: White Carnation, Dandelion, Orange Blossoms, Violet.

False: Yellow Lily.

Fame: Trumpet Flower.

Fascination: Asparagus Fern, Carnation, Fern, Leatherleaf Fern, Orange Rose.

Fate: Flax.

Felicity: Bachelor's Button.

Femininity: Azalea.

Fertility: Orange Blossoms.

Fickleness: Larkspur.

Festivity: Parsley.

Fidelity: Ivy, Plum Tree, Veronica.

Finesse: Sweet William.

First love: Azalea.

Flame in my heart: Red Camellia, Fleur-De-Lis, Orange Lily.

Folly: Geranium.

Foolishness: Pomegranate.

Foresight: Holly.

Forever: Dahlia.

Forgive: Purple Hyacinth.

Formality: Narcissus.

Forsaken: Anemone.

Fortune: Alstromeria.

Freedom: Yellow Rose.

Friendship: Red Carnation, Iris, Ivy, Periwinkle, Pine, Pink Rose, White Rose, Yellow Rose, Wheat.

Frigidity: Hydrangea.

Fruitfulness: Hollyhock.

Fun: Delphinium.

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