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Meaning of Flowers Sorted by Word / Phrase



Photo: pdphoto.org
Photo: pdphoto.org
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Gallantry: Sweet William.

Games: Hyacinth.

Gay: Yellow Lily.

Generous: Honeysuckle, Orange Tree.

Gentility: Geranium, Light Pink Rose.

Girlhood: White Rose.

Give me a break: Gladiolus.

Gladness: Crocus, Myrrh, Light Pink Rose, Yellow Rose.

Glory: Laurel.

Good fortune: Apple blossoms, Lily of the Valley.

Good taste: Dahlia.

Good-bye: Cyclamen, Sweet Pea.

Goodness: White Zinnia.

Grace: Calendula, Cowslip, Yellow Jasmine, Light pink Rose.

Gracious: Snapdragon.

Grandeur: Ash tree.

Grant me one smile: Sweet William.

Gratitude: Bells of Ireland, Camellia, Parsley, Peach Rose, Light Pink Rose, Bouquet of Mature Roses.

Grief: Bluebell, Calendula, Marigold.

Happiness: Several Daffodils, Dandelion, Ixia, Lavender, Lily of the Valley, Peony, Primrose, Pink Rose, Light Pink Rose, Yellow and Red Roses, Stock, Bridal Rose.

Happiness, domestic: Holly, Stephanotis.

Haughtiness: Sunflower.

Haven: Queen Anne's Lace.

Healing: Yarrow.

Health, good: Feverfew, Peony.

Heart, aches: Carnation, red.

Heart, big: Delphinium.

Heart, poor: Carnation, red.

Heartless: Hydrangea.

Hope: Flowering Almond, Forget-Me-Not, Iris, Leaf Rose, Snowdrop.

Hospitality: Oak Tree, Wisteria.

Humility: Bluebell, Broom, Lilac, Lily of the Valley, White Rose.

I am sorry: Purple Hyacinth.

I can't live without you: Primrose.

I'll never forget you: Carnation, pink.

I'll never tell: Daisy.

I'll still be waiting: Astilbe.

I love you: Red Rose, single Full Bloom Rose.

I'm walking on air: Yellow Lily.

Imagination: Poppy.

Ingratitude: Buttercup.

Innocence: Baby's Breath, White Carnation, Daisy, Freesia, Lily, Orange Blossoms, Small Rose Bud, White Rose, Violet.

Insincerity: Foxglove.

Instability: Dahlia.

Intellectual: Clematis, Walnut.

Intoxication: Vine.

Jealousy: Calendula, Yellow Hyacinth, Marigold, Yellow Rose.

Joy: Chrysanthemum, Several Daffodils, Gardenia, Light Pink Rose, Yellow Rose.

Justice: Chestnut Tree.

Kindness: Elderberry, Flax.

Kiss me: Mistletoe.

Let me go: Butterfly Weed.

Levity: Larkspur, Shamrock.

Liberty: Live Oak.

Life: Pine Cone.

Life, eternal: Daffodil.

Life, long: Chrysanthemum, Orchid.

Lightness: Larkspur.

Longevity: Peach Blossoms, Plum Tree.

Longing for you: Camellia, pink.

Lovable: Bugle.

Love: Agapanthus, Azalea, Red Chrysanthemum, Jonquil, Morning Glory, Myrtle, Orchid, Rose, Red Rose, Strawberry, Bridal Rose.

Love, ardent: Balsam, White Carnation.

Love, bonds: Honeysuckle.

Love, chaste: Acacia.

Love, concealed: Acacia.

Love, confessions: Moss Rose, Small Rose Bud, Red Tulip.

Love, conquers all: Daisy.

Love, divine: Carnation.

Love, estranged: Lotus Blossom.

Love, eternal: Orange Blossoms.

Love, faithful: Lemon Blossoms.

Love, first: Azalea, Purple Larkspur.

Love, first sight: Gloxina, Lavender Rose, Thornless Rose.

Love, fraternal: Woodbine.

Love, happy: White Rose.

Love, hopeless: Yellow Tulip.

Love letters: Agapanthus.

Love, loyal: White Chrysanthemum, Daisy.

Love, mother's: Pink Carnation, Moss.

Love, new: Single Full Bloom Rose.

Love, oracle: Dandelion.

Love, pure: White Carnation.

Love, reciprocated: Ambrosia.

Love, secret: Gardenia.

Love, self: Narcissus.

Love, slighted: Yellow Chrysanthemum, Yellow Rose.

Love, spiritual: White Rose.

Love, sweet: Gardenia.

Love, true: Forget-Me-Not, Yellow Rose.

Love, unrequited: Daffodil.

Love, wedded: Ivy, Bridal Rose.

Love, woman's: Carnation, pink.

Lover: Anthurium.

Loveliness: Camellia, White Carnation, Gardenia, White Hyacinth, Orange Blossoms, Red Rose, Small Rose Bud, Smilax.

Loyalty: Bamboo, Pansy.

Luck, good: Bells of Ireland, White Carnation, Four-Leaf Clover, Gardenia, Lavender.

Luxury: Chestnut Tree.

Magic: Fern.

Magnificence: Bird of Paradise.

Majesty: Lily.

Marriage: Ivy, Orange Blossoms.

Meekness: Birch.

Memories: Forget-Me-Not.

Merit reward: Bay wreath.

Mirth: Hops.

Misfortune: Single Daffodil.

Modesty: Cosmos, White Lily, Peach Rose, Violet.

Motherhood: White Carnation, Day Lily.

Mourning: Cypress, Dark Crimson Rose, Weeping Willow.

Nature, fanciful: Begonia.

Nature, love of: Magnolia.

Neatness: Broom.

New beginnings: Daffodil.

No: Carnation, striped.

Nobility: Magnolia.

Oblivion: Poppy.

Optimism: Chrysanthemum.

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