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Meaning of Flowers Sorted by Word / Phrase



Photo ©  Bob Stritof
Photo © Bob Stritof
A-F ~~ G-O ~~ P-S ~~ T-Z ~~ Flower Meanings Sorted Alphabetically by Flower

Passion: Iris, Rose, Red Rose, Yellow and Orange Roses.

Passion, fragile: Azalea.

Patriotism: American Elm, Nasturtium, Yellow Violet.

Peace: Cattail, Olive Branch.

Perfection: Pineapple, Rose, Tulip.

Persistence: Euphorbia.

Pity: Pine.

Play: Hyacinth.

Pleasant: Ginger.

Pleasure: Red Poppy, Sweet Pea.

Pleasure, simple: Huckleberry.

Praise: Fennel.

Prayer: Blueberry, White Hyacinth.

Preference: Apple Blossom.

Pride: Amaryllis, Carnation, Lily.

Promptness: Stock.

Prosperity: Alstromeria, Beech Tree, Cattail, Peony, Red Rose.

Protection: Garlic Chives, White Heather, Juniper, Mint.

Purity: Daisy, White Iris, Lily, Lily of the Valley, Orange Blossoms, Red Rose, Small Rose Bud, White Rose, Rosemary, Star of Bethlehem, Water Lily.

Rashness: Hyacinth.

Rebirth: Daffodil, Rosemary.

Reconciliation: Filbert, Hazel, Purple Hyacinth.

Recovery from illness: Pussy Willow.

Refinement: Orchid.

Refusal: Carnation, striped.

Regard: Daffodil.

Rejection: Yellow Carnation.

Remembrance: Forget-Me-Not, Gladiolus, Rosemary, Statice, Yellow Zinnia.

Resentment: Petunia.

Reserve: Maple.

Resignation: Cyclamen.

Respect: Red Rose.

Rest: Chrysanthemum, White Poppy.

Retaliation: Thistle.

Reverence: White Rose.

Riches: Buttercup, Corn, Wheat.

Rigour: Lantana.

Romance: Azalea.

Safe: Ginger.

Salvation: Columbine.

Satisfaction: Primrose.

Secrecy: White Rose.

Sensitivity: Mimosa.

Sensuality: Jasmine.

Shame: Peony.

Shelter: Fern.

Silence: White Rose.

Simplicity: Daisy.

Sincerity: Fern, Gladiolus.

Sleep, eternal: Poppy.

Smile: Sweet William, Yellow Tulip.

Solitude: Lavender Heather.

Soothing presence: Petunia.

Sorrow: Purple Hyacinth, Yarrow, Yew.

Sorry: Striped Carnation, Purple Hyacinth.

Sport: Hyacinth.

Steadfastness: Bamboo.

Strength: Acorns, Alium, Bamboo, Cedar, Columbine, Fennel, Garlic Chives, Ginger, Oak Leaf.

Stupidity: Geranium.

Success: Laurel, Lavender, Palm Leaves, Yellow Poppy, Statice.

Support: Lamb's-Ears.

Surprise: Truffle.

Suspicion: Mushroom.

Sweet: White Carnation, Lily of the Valley.

Sympathy: Jonquil, Peach Rose, Pink Rose, Statice.

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