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Romantic Roses

An Alphabetical Listing A-L


Balboa Park Rose

Balboa Park Rose

Since ancient times, the rose has been a symbol of love, passion, and perfection. Show your love and sensitivity by choosing a rose by its name and not just by its color or fragrance.

Here's an alphabetical listing of roses with romantic names.

ANGEL FACE: mauve - very fragrant - Floribunda

BEWITCHED: medium pink - fragrant - Hybrid Tea

BRIDE'S DREAM: light pink - Hybrid Tea

CAPTIVATION: dark crimson red - Minature

CARELESS LOVE: light pink - very fragrant - Hybrid Tea

CARING FOR YOU: light pink - fragrant - Hybrid Tea

CHERISH: orange-pink - Floribunda

CRACKLING FIRE: coppery-orange - Minature

CRAZY FOR YOU: multi colored, scarlet red, cream, pink, yellow, blotches and stripes - fragrant - Floribunda

DARLING FLAME: mandarin red - fragrant - Patio

DEAREST: rosy salmon pink - fragrant - Floribunda

DEEP SECRET: deep crimson - very fragrant - Hybrid Tea

DEVOTION: apricot and orange - fragrant - Hybrid Tea

DOUBLE DELIGHT: red blend with cream center - very fragrant - Hybrid Tea

DUET: medium pink - Hybrid Tea

EMOTION: deep pink - very fragrant - Floribunda

ESPECIALLY FOR YOU: mimosa-yellow with pink tinge - very fragrant - Hybrid Tea

ETERNALLY YOURS: red with white edges and silver on reverse - fragrant - Hybrid Tea

EUPHORIA: yellow, orange and pink clusters - fragrant - Ground Cover

EVENING LIGHT: soft peach - fragrant - Patio

FAITHFUL: cherry red - fragrant - Floribunda

FASCINATION: bright pink - fragrant - Floribunda

FIRST KISS: light pink - Floribunda

FIRST LOVE: pale pink - very fragrant - Hybrid Tea

FLAME OF LOVE: dark pink - Hybrid Tea

FLIRTATIOUS: pink blend - very fragrant - Floribunda

FOR YOU (Pour Toi): white with tinges of mauve and green - Patio

GENTLE TOUCH: dainty pale pink clusters - fragrant - Patio

HAND IN HAND: bright vermilion - fragrant - Patio

HAPPY EVER AFTER: pale pink and apricot pink - fragrant - Floribunda

HEART 'N' SOUL: red blend - Landscape

HEART O' GOLD: yellow blend - fragrant - Grandiflora

HEARTBEAT: apricot and cream - very fragrant - Floribunda

HEARTBREAKER: cream with deep pink edge - Minature

HEAVEN ON EARTH: apricot - fragrant - Floribunda

HONOR: near white - Hybrid Tea

HOT 'N' SPICY: orange-red - fragrant - Floribunda

HOT ROMANCE: orange - Hybrid Tea

I LOVE YOU: deep red - fragrant - Hybrid Tea

INTRIGUE: dark reddish purple - very fragrant - Floribunda

IRRESISTIBLE: creamy white with light blush pink - Minature

JOY: peach and cream - very fragrant - Floribunda

JUST FOR YOU: golden yellow - fragrant - Floribunda

JUST FOR YOU: cherry red - Minature

LADY LOVE: delicate pink - very fragrant - Patio

LASTING LOVE: fragrant - Hybrid Tea

LOVE: red blend - Grandiflora

LOVE AND KISSES (Swalk): shiny red touched with silver on the reverse - Minature

AND PEACE: golden yellow edged with pink - Hybrid Tea

LOVE BIRD: fuchsia pink - fragrant - Patio

LOVE KNOT: dark red - fragrant - Patio

LOVE ME TENDER: mauve - fragrant- Hybrid Tea

LOVE POTION: mauve - fragrant - Floribunda

LOVELY LADY: pink with tint of coral pink - very fragrant - Hybrid Tea

LOVE'S PROMISE (Matilda): dark red - fragrant - Grandiflora

LOVERS' LANE: red - Hybrid Tea

LOVING TOUCH: apricot - Minature

LOVING WISHES: bright orange - Patio

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