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Unexpected Gift Giving in Your Marriage

Show Appreciation


Photo: Barry Austin / Getty Images
Photo: Barry Austin / Getty Images
One of the ways many spouses feel appreciated is when they receive an unexpected gift.

Unexpected gifts are not the only way to help your spouse feel valued, but it is something to try. Don't wait until a birthday, holiday, or anniversary to give a gift or say thank you. Your marriage license is not a permit to quit showing your appreciation and love to your spouse.

  • Don't think that dropping a gift off now and then is all you have to do. Remember to say "thank you" often. Hearing the words "thank you" means a great deal to many individuals.
  • If your spouse wonders why you gave the unexpected gift, you don't have to always give a reason. Saying something like "just because" or "because I care" helps prevent the attitude that gifts are only given when your spouse does something for you.
  • Don't expect to give or receive sex as a reward for doing something for your spouse or for making a change in your life.

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