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Top 10 Sensual Gifts for Your Spouse


A great present to your spouse is one that gives the gift of relaxation and a feeling of being pampered and sensual.

Here are suggestions that will not only create a romantic mood but will also say your spouse deserves feeling special.

1. Percussion Massager

Does your spouse love receiving a back rub from you? You can help banish stress your spouse may be feeling with the soothing heat and massage. Most of these massage units have variable speed controls and an assortment of attachments.
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2. Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Indulge one another with the decadent delight of strawberries dipped in chocolate. Additionally, chocolate is healthy for you!
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3. The Tingler

No ... the Tingler isn't a Medieval torture device. This copper massager will create good energy by gently massaging your spouse's scalp by touching acupressure points. It does create a tingling sensation and gives a great deal of delight. It doesn't require batteries and isn't complicated to use. We love our Tingler!
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4. Sensual Scented Candles

Create a romantic mood with the soft light of candles. Some scents will take the two of you on a journey to exotic locales, while other scents will relax and get both of you in touch with nature. Find out which scents are pleasing to your spouse.
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5. Bath Caddy for Couples

This bamboo bath caddy has room for two glasses of wine, a dish for some chocolate covered strawberries, and room to hold floating candles. It's a great addition that can be enjoyed by both of you or just your spouse.

6. Eye Pillow

An eye pillow can soothe your spouse's tired eyes with an aromatherapy blend that relieves stress and tension.
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7. Breakfast Tray

Serving your spouse breakfast in bed is a way to say "thank you" and "I love you" at the same time. Keep the breakfast simple and make sure you include a flower in a bud vase!
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8. Velvet Body Wrap

Lessen your spouse's stress and ease tense muscles. These wraps can be used hot or cold. They come in a variety of scents like sage, lavender, cinnamon, clove, and eucalyptus. We have one one these. It's wonderful.
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9. Body Pillow

A full size body pillow can help your spouse sleep like a baby. It provides extra support without your spouse having to use two or three extra pillows.
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10. Kama Sutra Weekender Kit

Let your spouse know you are interested in a night of romance. You don't have to wait until the weekend! Most of these kits include: scented oil, balm, bathing gels, and a feather tickler.
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