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Small Gifts for Your Husband


Presents that delight and have meaning don't have to be big and expensive. Check out these small gifts for your husband! These presents would make great Valentine's gifts or stocking stuffers. They would be appreciated on birthdays and anniversaries, too.

1. Tingler

No, this isn't a Medieval torture device. This copper massager will create good energy by gently massage your husband's scalp by touching acupressure points and giving a great deal of delight. It doesn't require batteries and isn't complicated to use. We have one and love it!
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2. Clif Bar

This organic quick source of energy has lots of varieties to choose from!
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3. Burt's Bees Natural Remedy Kit

Your guy doesn't have to be an outdoorsman to enjoy this eight-piee kit that includes insect repellant, lip balm, and mroe.
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4. 365 Days of Romance

Don't actually give this small tin to your husband. Instead, leave the little romantic notes around the house for husband to find!
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5. Leatherman Tool Adapter

This is a great gift for your husband if he already has a Leatherman tool that he uses a great deal.
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6. Barware

If your guy enjoys wine or other drinks, give him a gift for his bar.
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7. Hiking Socks

Keep your husband's toes comfy, dry, and warm in these great hiking socks.
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8. Massage Oils

What husband wouldn't like a massage to help him relax after a long day?
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9. Sony BCG-34HRMF4 Battery Charger

This high capacity quick battery charger has an automatic cut-off so his batteries can't be overheated. The unit also includes a worldwide voltage compatibility.
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10. Homedics Shiatsu Pillow with Heat

I purchased one of these for myself, but Bob has confiscated it. It is wonderful.
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