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Halloween Costume Ideas for Married Couples


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Fictional Couple Costumes
Fictional Couple Halloween Costume for Couples
Photo: ©Ted Stritof
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Aragorn and Arwen

Bella Swan and Edward Cullen from Twilight series.

Big Bad Wolf and Red Riding Hood ~~ contributed by Tabi A.

Bombadil and Goldberry

Captain Hammer and Penny ~~ contributed by Ted S.

Celeborn and Galadriel

Doctor Horrible and Penny ~~ contributed by Larry S.

Dorothy and a Tornado ~~ contributed by Pam G.

Dracula and a Pale Woman with Fang Marks

Eowyn and Faramir

Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein

Hagrid and Norbert the Dragon

Hansel and Gretel

Harry Potter and Hermione

Hunchback and Esmeralda

Jack and Jill

King Arthur and Guinevere

King Leonidas and Queen Gorgo

Little Bo Peep and a Sheep

Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf. Wolf can wear a nightgown and a grandma's kerchief. ~~ contributed by Carrie E.

Lone Ranger and Tonto

Characters from Lost ~~ contributed by Mary D. Ideas

Molly and Arthur Weasley

Neytiri and Jake Sully ~~ contributed by Marilyn P.

Peter the Pumpkin Eater (orange paint around face, wearing knickers and a top hat) and Wife in Pumpkin Outfit ~~ contributed by Jenn P.

Romeo and Juliet

Sam and Frodo ~~ contributed by Fizza

Scarlett O'Hara and Rhett Butler

Tarzan and Jane

Thing 1 and Thing 2 from the Dr. Suess book. ~~ contributed by Jennifer B.

Uncle Sam and Miss Liberty

Where the Wild Things Are Characters ~~ contributed by Lilah S.

Winky and Dobby

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