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A Way to Improve Your Marriage Today

Have Fun Together


Having Fun Together
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If you are looking for a way to improve your marriage today, make time to have fun together.

It is encouraging that recent studies support the belief that it is important for married couples to make time to have fun together. Research "from the University of Denver supports the idea that finding moments to be together free of financial, family or other stresses -- just to have fun together -- is not an indulgence."

Set the Stage For Having More Fun Together

Redefine what it means to be productive. Being productive is more than getting things done around the house or at work. You are not wasting time when you are having fun together. You are being productive as you enjoy one another and strengthen and improve your marriage relationship.

Decide together that having fun with each other will be a priority in your lives. Make time to have fun.

As long as you are not going out on a date night, including your children in having fun is a good idea. Just don't give up on having romantic date nights with each other.

What Others Have to Say About Having Fun in Your Marriage

Meg Selig: "O happy day! So often we're told we must "work" to keep our relationship together, and now it seems that we can "play" to do the same."
Source: Meg Selig. "Can the 'Novelty Habit' Boost a Couple's Commitment?" PsychologyToday.com. 5/24/2010.

In his book Blueprints for a Solid Marriage, Dr. Steve Stephens offers these ideas for having fun.

  • "Take in a sunset.
  • Learn a new card game together.
  • Listen to your favorite CD.
  • Dance in your living room.
  • Play charades.
  • Play hide-and-seek.
  • Share scary stories.
  • Sleep in the backyard.
  • Talk in rhyme for one hour.
  • Walk in the moonlight.
  • Write a romantic poem together."
  • Source: Belinda Elliott. "Put More Fun in Your Marriage." CBN.com.

    Howard Markman: "The more you invest in fun and friendship and being there for your partner, the happier the relationship will get over time. The correlation between fun and marital happiness is high, and significant."
    Source: Sharon Jayson. "Married Couples Who Play Together Stay Together." USAToday.com. 7/16/2008.

    Mira Kirshenbaum: "Having fun together is not optional. No, fun is the glue of intimacy."
    Source: Sarah Whitman. "Busy Couples Reconnect: 12 Ways to Have More Fun." RevolutionHealth.com. 9/01/2006.

    Jim Priest: "Be playful in daily tasks. Create a 'fun things to do' list. Make plans in advance."
    Source: Alex Cameron. Video: Have Fun in Your Marriage." News9.com. 2/26/2008.

    Thomas Bradbury: "People in happy relationships generate these activities, and as they generate these activities, it keeps their relationship strong and healthy and fresh."
    Source: Source: Sharon Jayson. "Married Couples Who Play Together Stay Together." USAToday.com. 7/16/2008.

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